Site drop right recovery solution

There is a connection)

site is down right, many owners began to feel very confused, do not know how to do, in fact, as long as Jingxiaxinlai think, not what cannot be solved.

is right down the reason why even if you are down right are not clear, so where to remedy, it can make nothing of it.

second, the chain of garbage (non natural link) to drop right

server (space) due to the unstable right down

method can also solve the problem of dead links, is the main domain name analytic sub domain, all content of the site to the domain name, and then re enable a domain name, all content of the site to the new domain name. This is equivalent to cut off the source of the chain. Then do 301 jump to transfer the weight, it is convenient for users to access the old.

chain leads to non natural link right down (heilian, mass, dark chain chain, incidentally) generated non legitimate means for the link! If we site was found to have a lot of garbage outside the chain, it is likely to be right down. Processing method: remove all, kill them all! Love Shanghai and Google is a different approach, love Shanghai directly can be deleted, Google delete connection, re submit website (to explain the situation, remedial measures, in-depth review, about 1000 words) is a good method.


site drop right, general analysis has five aspects, general search engines are not alone because side to the site right down, even if the drop right also has the treatment of cerebral palsy hospital which good is small.

fifth, Links implicated right down

when our website will appear a lot of dead link in the revision or change the path, maybe we will die because of excessive lead down the right link. Sometimes, the site must be reformed, because the existing plate can not meet the needs of users can be revised, so after the revision, we can create a new site map and submitted to the search engine HTML xml. Or use the robots shielding site because of the treatment of cerebral palsy in Guangdong hospital from death of a large number of links to the revision, then do 301 jumps (dead link to jump to a new

also repeated path, give you an example: the forum page, when the pseudo static processing with a dynamic and static page will appear, should use the robots shield a path, or rel=canonical (a rank one does not participate).


website (template) to change the path down the right


third, garbage content lead to drop right

First, the First we should know some of the conventional

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