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Title: keywords or long tail words, the first 30 words: keyword + + phone +



blog name and nickname for keywords, if you need to write the description and write, do not write some blogs. Here are two ways to do a blog, is every day to register a new blog and send two articles is not made, second days again registered a new blog, now the new blog included is very fast, especially on that day just registered may soon be included. The second method is to keep this blog, we need to pay some time and patience, not to put too many links, update other articles, don’t always with telephone and telephone with a URL, a blog is not a short time, you can pick a few, every day to update a, slowly a >

problem! contacts.

second, do the chain, the chain guide some friends may not know, but should do the medical industry are very clear, is to put before the release of the information link and then publish to other forum or blog, has reached the purpose of rapid collection. This method when we release information, should see those platforms will prompt you to share links to each big forum or Post Bar is a truth, but the effect is really good.

we all know the classification of information included faster, but also ranked on the skills, now sum up:

first, everyone knows is to publish information except for the large website platform, we should also pay attention to a wide range of problems, don’t look at a good platform included stop hair, which will lead to the account was closed and the chain single source. The other is everyone is best to publish the information link records to the excel table, it is convenient for us to make statistics and query the recorded information, the program will write you can write a batch query love Shanghai included software, do not write the now online there are several platforms have this function, we all go to search a.

don’t copy the article on its website to the publishing platform, regardless of classification or blogs, to other websites to find, if it is to copy the text on your website, then your website updated original articles has little meaning, especially new sites, included is very slow, your own website not yet, released to other platforms already included, this is the original, this is a

third, classified information

every day our staff will release some extrapolation in the promotion of information platform, how to conduct effective release, each platform there are some skills in this article, I will share my experience.

note: no matter in which platform outside the chain. The writing, in front of the 贵族宝贝 belt, while the world’s Internet protocol is the same, but still a bit better on writing.

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