Gravely concerned by events in Liberia Security Council demands an end to

In a statement to the press following a briefing on the situation in Liberia, Council President Sergey Lavrov of the Russian Federation stressed the urgent need for the combatants to spare the lives and property of civilians, to maintain defensive positions well clear of the capital Monrovia – where tens of thousands of refugees have fled to escape fighting elsewhere in the country – as well as the port city of Buchanan.Council members also stressed the urgent need for the combatants to refrain from committing further violations of human rights and international humanitarian law, and in that regard demanded that the parties act to ensure the security and unrestricted access of humanitarian workers so they can provide assistance to all areas throughout the country. Informing reporters that the briefing had covered Secretary-General Kofi Annan’s latest report on Liberia, as well as the peace talks now underway in Akosambo, Ghana between the Liberian Government and opposition forces, Ambassador Lavrov said Council members urged all Liberians to work together to create a transitional government.”Council members welcomed Liberian President Charles Taylor’s June 4 announcement that he was prepared to step down no later than the end of his current term,” Ambassador Lavrov said.”[They] also expressed their support of the work of the Sierra Leone Special Court, took note of its recent public statements regarding indictments and expressed the need to ensure both peace and justice are achieved in Sierra Leone,” he added. read more