The future belongs to Atlético

first_imgThe rojiblanco club changed its house three seasons ago and the Wanda Metropolitano, with a capacity of 68,450 spectators, has become a benchmark stadium not only in Spain but in European football. A stadium praised by everyone, including rivals and where average attendance is above 85 percent. In other words, Atlético feels very sheltered at home, in front of their own, as it has always been.The data that makes the managers of Atlético the most excited refers to the large number of underage members. 30 percent of the rojiblancos partners are minors, which indicates that the future is guaranteed. The number of boys and girls who are linked to the entity at very young ages is increasing. The club dedicates one game to the year, a meeting that is already an essential appointment for the rojiblancos fans.Another interesting fact to describe the explosion at a social level that Atlético has experienced is the one related to its rocks, one of the great motors of the entity. Atlético has 835 clubs spread across Spain and around the world. There are a couple of them about to create new ones, one of them in Argentina. At a social level, Atlético does not stop growing. And that is a plus for an entity that celebrates its birthday thinking of giving the greatest joy to its fans and standing in the Champions League final in Istanbul. Atlético has turned 117 years old and has done so under very special circumstances, in full crisis provoked by the crisis derived from COVID-19. Atlético is among the eight best clubs in Europe and in the Spanish championship struggles to get into Champions positions. But a quick X-ray of the Madrid entity indicates that it is in the process of expansion, with more members and supporters than ever and increasingly closer to the other two greats of Spanish football.Atlético long ago exceeded a figure that seemed impossible, that of 100,000 members. Reaching that number was the great challenge of an entity that not long ago went through great economic and social problems. Atlético now has 130,400 members (between subscribers and non-subscribers) and the number continues to grow. Even in these weeks without competition, fans continue to call the offices of the Wanda Metropoilitano to become partners. No one knows where Atlético’s top will be. The rojiblanco club has members in all the provinces of the Spanish territory, something very significant. It is no longer a local club, with strong roots in Madrid and nearby cities, but rather a global entity.last_img

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