Best foot forward

first_imgTulsi, you are known for soulful numbers. How different was it to sing a dance number like O saki saki? Tulsi Kumar (TK): I have done many dance numbers earlier too. I did a song called Love mera hit hit in 2009, then there was Nachange saari raat and Gulabi 2.0 – but definitely, O saki saki has grabbed all eyeballs for the right reasons. It has brought immense love and appreciation for me and my team including Neha Kakkar, B Praak, Tanishk (Bagchi) and Nora. The combination played out very beautifully. As far as my vocals are concerned, everyone relates me to soulful and melodious numbers. But I think this was a challenge for me to get out of my comfort zone and do something very different. I am happy to be a part of O saki saki and really elated that people love this new side of Tulsi. Also Read – I have personal ambitions now: PriyankaNora, your song Dilbar became a huge hit last year. Did that anywhere pressurise you to match expectations while preparing for O saki saki?Nora Fatehi (NF): Yes, of course it did. After Dilbar, Kamariya followed and after that, everybody saw the Arabic version of Dilbar. That pressure was most when Kamariya was releasing, which was just about a week after Dilbar had released. When I did the Arabic Dilbar too, there was fear about whether this will be accepted by people here. I made it for a different market but since I am working here, I need things to work out for me here even though I am creating something for another market. The day before Arabic Dilbar was releasing I was quite stressed and finally it was received well by people despite it being in a different language! Also Read – Salman Khan remembers actor Vinod KhannaAs we shot O saki saki, I was just more excited to offer something different visually and take the dancing to a new level. But the day before Saki was releasing, that pressure came back to me all over again. It was an overwhelming fear – will this be as good as Dilbar? Of course, you can’t compare it to Dilbar because it is totally different both visually and musically. Even the dance style is different. My fear was about whether the audience will appreciate this song as they had earlier. When you see people on social media making dance videos, doing their own workshops and trying to learn the dance steps, then you know that they have enjoyed it. Right now, my Instagram is flooded with videos of people dancing to Saki saki, attempting the hook step, doing their own choreography and so much more! Do you feel that this age of overwhelming digital and social media helps singers and performers connect better with their audience? TK: Definitely! There was a time when you didn’t know how your song was faring. You would know after maybe a couple of days when you chance upon the song playing somewhere. Those were the parameters, but now it is all in front of you because of social media. The comments, the numbers, the views and the ‘likes’ will tell you how the song is doing with the audience. Like Nora said, there are so many digital platforms like Tik Tok, YouTube and Instagram where people are uploading performances on the song. You then know that your song is actually being loved and talked about! NF: As a performer, I would say that the digital platform is adding a new dimension to our work. The way we can engage with our audience is mind-boggling. This is why whenever I do a project, like a dance number, I make sure it is engaging. People would want to try it at home or with friends. It should be engaging, it should make you want to get up and hit the dance floor. It needs to be aspirational and energetic. I remember, during Dilbar there was an argument where I thought, should we really do something like this? It might be tough for people and how do we know that majority of people can attempt belly dancing? But we thought we must as it was something very different. Once the song became a hit, all these girls and the belly dancers within them had come out and they were doing the hook step so beautifully! I was so impressed to see those girls attempting it with confidence, then I thought, don’t underestimate the audience! Would you consider Dilbar to be a turning point in your career? NF: You know, for the longest time I thought Dilbar was the song because everybody just said that Dilbar is the reason why I am here. But you know what, it’s not; it is Naah, the song with Harrdy Sandhu. Naah was the first song to reach five million views on YouTube in India and it broke a record. At that time, I was just a girl from Bigg Boss and Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa. People and even filmmakers actually noticed me in that song! Secretly I feel that is what propelled my career while Dilbar was the boom! Tulsi, recently your two songs Tera ban jaunga and Shaher ki ladki got more than 100 million views. What does this mean to you considering one is an original and the other is a recreated version? TK: I think every song has its own charm and destiny. The end product is what the listeners get to hear and the prime motive is to have them entertained with these songs. Both my songs in the last month, Kabir Singh’s Tera ban jaunga and Khandaani Shafakhana’s Shaher ki ladki did well. Shaher ki ladki was again the iconic recreation in which we had Raveena (Tandon) Ma’am and Suniel (Shetty) Sir as a part of the video, which was amazing. I was really thrilled to be the voice of Raveena Tandon. I have grown up listening to her and watching her on screen and here I was to be her voice! When you make a recreated version of an already popular song, what nuances do you add to make it look fresh while you also maintain the original flavour? TK: That is best done by Tanishk. When he recreates a track he ensures that it isn’t a simple copy – and that’s why they are called recreations and not remixes. With this recreation too, we began with a totally new part in Main teri aankhon ka sahil, main tere dil ke hi kaabil… In fact, in between too there are several new aspects that are combined with the hook of O saki saki. When I am a part of recreation, I don’t like to go back and watch or hear too much of the original song. That was an already iconic song and here we were trying to lend new perspective to it. So, with due respect to all iconic songs that are recreated, I try to add my own feel and flavour. There’s always a set of people who negatively react to recreations. How do you deal with that? TK: With love there has to be some criticism, especially with recreations. Some sections of the audience are so attached to what they have heard earlier that they can’t accept anything new. But on the other hand, our newer generation enjoys these iconic songs in a recreated version. Recreations should be done with a lot of care and when handled properly, there is no harm!NF: They are created for entertainment and not to stress you out, so people shouldn’t get really emotional about this. These songs are made for you to dance, have fun and enjoy. In Batla House, there is a reason why the song happens, why my character is dancing, etc. When you see the film you will understand why the song is there! Nora, you are known for your chartbuster songs. The trailer of Batla House shows you doing something different. What can we expect from your character? NF: I play a character called Huma and she is a small town girl. She is a performer. She is really important for the story. You have to see the film on August 15 to know what it is about. For my career, it is a step up. It is great that Nikkhil Advani gave me this opportunity. It was very exciting for me because these are the things that I am really looking forward to doing more and more in my career.last_img read more

Inafirst a Durga puja by elderly

first_imgKolkata: In a bid to rediscover youth, members of Swapno Bhor, the only centre for the senior citizens in New Town, will organise Durga Puja for the first time since its inception.The puja titled Prabinder Sarodatsav will be held at the activity centre of Snehodiya, the state of the art living facility for the senior citizens. It is the only Durga Puja in and around Kolkata where the senior citizens will manage the puja which include buying the idol, worshipping it for four days and them immersing it without taking any help from the youths. Also Read – Bengal family worships Muslim girl as Goddess Durga in Kumari PujaBhaskar Sardar, general secretary of the puja committee, said the experience in organising Durga puja which the members had gathered in their youths will be used in organizing the puja now. Many of the members had held high posts in government offices and private sector and the expertise acquired over the years in doing a work flawlessly will be used to make this puja a success. A book containing writings of the members on their experiences in celebrating Durga puja in their adolescent and youths will be published. The book does not contain any advertisement. Also Read – Bengal civic volunteer dies in road mishap on national highwayThere are around 700 members in Swapno Bhor. The willing families would be requested to donate Rs 1,000 for holding the puja. Sardar said to make the puja an eco-friendly one earthen utensils and pitchers will be used. The money required to buy the image of Durga, the pujas that will be performed on four days along with the flowers, dhakis and priests will be donated by the members. On Asthami, prasad will be distributed on large-scale while the women,who will be engaged in the pujas will be treated on Sasthi and Dasami. Senior citizens will take part in the cultural shows, which will be held in the evening on all four days. It may be mentioned that Housing Infrastructure Development Corporation ( Hidco) is organizing round the year activities for the senior citizens at Swapno Bhoor, which include annual fair, cultural shows and trip to religious places.last_img read more

In first for UN peacekeeping allfemale police unit arrives in Liberia

The new officers serving with the UN Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) are “very confident, they are trained, and I think they will perform well out here,” said their commander, Seema Dhundiya.She emphasized that the Unit, which consists of 103 women performing operational tasks and 22 men doing logistics work, is well-prepared to meet the challenges ahead. “Our contingent has been carved out from a paramilitary force and as far as training is concerned, it is almost on the same line of what army recruits get.”Ms. Dhundiya pledged that the officers, who are armed with sophisticated weapons, will carry out their work with utmost professionalism. “We are definitely going to perform to the best of our abilities and raise the expectations of our senior authorities and our own country.”Describing the disembarkation of the female police, UN spokesman Ben Dotsei Malor said they looked sharp and motivated despite having just arrived by air. “Even though they have just come off this flight they look like they are ready for action,” he said.Mr. Malor emphasized that the Indian blue berets would help the Liberian National Police (LNP) while supporting the work of the UN in the country. “We hope that the presence of this all-female contingent will serve as an incentive and an attraction to encourage young Liberian women to join the Liberian National Police,” said UNMIL Police Commissioner Mohammed Alhassan.Ms. Dhundiya was optimistic that her officers could function as role models. “I think the Liberian people are going to welcome us with open arms and more of the local population will get inspired seeing these girls properly dressed, well equipped and probably they will get motivated to join the UN police officers, especially the girls.”The Indian women “are the right people at the right time to come here now,” said Mr. Malor. “They are professional, skilled, capable, and they will be able to do the job just as well as their male counterparts are already doing on the ground if not better in some instances.”“The arrival today of the all-female FPU from India is an extra boost to our policing efforts here in Liberia,” agreed Mr. Alhassan.The new Unit joins 82 female UN police officers serving with UNMIL in various capacities. 30 January 2007For the first time in the history of United Nations peacekeeping, an all-female Formed Police Unit (FPU) arrived today in Liberia to join the world body’s operation as it works to strengthen the rule of law and maintain peace in the West African country. read more

Norfolk rejects MNR wetland review

Norfolk council has rejected the Ministry of Natural Resources’ latest attempt to define wetland areas in the county.It did so Tuesday after more than 200 landowners crowded the council chamber at Governor Simcoe Square to share their concerns.The MNR’s latest round of aerial mapping re-designated hundreds of acres of farmland in Norfolk as wetland, affecting 1,200 landowners. Some farmers have seen as many as 40 acres or more encumbered with no hint of compensation or a reduction in taxes.“Council better realize this is a no-go,” Kathy Manary of Walsingham said during the public meeting.“If you don’t, farmers will stand shoulder to shoulder and do what is necessary to regain our rights. There is no way you can just walk in and take my land. If you want my land, you will have to compensate me for it.“Don’t think we’ll stand silent. Just because we don’t know yet how we will stop this, we will figure it out. If you’re going to take my farm, I’m going to come after you.”The MNR came up with its new maps several years ago following an aerial survey.The new wetland boundaries have been incorporated into Norfolk’s new official plan. The point of Tuesday’s meeting was to incorporate the new boundaries and the new mapping into Norfolk’s zoning bylaw.Council rejected staff’s recommendations. In fact, after many landowners voiced their objections, council voted against the zoning amendment and asked staff to set out a process for striking the new maps from the county’s official plan.Planning staff explained that adjusting Norfolk’s zoning bylaw to reflect the new boundaries would benefit anyone with plans for new development. The former maps are inaccurate, staff said, and may cause confusion and disappointment if not replaced.Beyond that, Norfolk isn’t the ultimate local approval authority for developing wetlands. That responsibility rests with the Long Point Region Conservation Authority and – in a small section of the county — the Grand River Conservation Authority. Council accepts that requiring a zoning change to build in the new wetland areas duplicates the permitting authority of the LPRCA and the GRCA.“This is a prime example of red tape,” Simcoe real estate lawyer Nate Kolomaya said. “The protections are already there. There is absolutely no need for this.”There are strict prohibitions on developing or farming “provincially significant wetland.” Wetlands have priority as habitat for species-at-risk, as reservoirs and purifiers of water, and come with the additional encumbrance of a 120-metre buffer zone.Council had other reasons for rejecting the update.These include numerous complaints that the new maps are inaccurate and impose on farmland that has been tilled for generations by the same families.Several Norfolk landowners sent emails, saying they will agree to the wetland changes provided the county or the province pay expropriation fees of $10,000 a day.Local federations of agriculture also weighed in.On behalf of the Norfolk Federation of Agriculture, Bob Vogelzang of Waterford said the MNR needs to conduct site visits before re-designating farmland. Vogelzang added that wetland boundaries should stop where the proportion of aquatic vegetation drops below 50 percent of the total.Despite numerous complaints, the MNR refuses to review obvious errors. Instead, the onus is on landowners to pay a consultant to explain why a designation is flawed and should be changed.In an email to the county, Glenford John Deming of Delhi complained because the new mapping designated parts of his front and back lawn as wetland.“You are also showing areas that are at higher elevation than Nixon Road on my property,” Deming said. “I find the proposed areas marked very erroneous.”Council also rejected staff’s recommendation because the Ford government is conducting a regulatory review of needless red tape. Council deemed it unwise to add to the regulatory morass at a time when the trend is toward repeal.Mayor Kristal Chopp reminded the crowd that ultimate responsibility for wetland designation rests with the province. Municipalities, she said, have no say. If landowners want to halt creeping encroachments on their property rights, Chopp said local MPPs, such as Toby Barrett, would be a good place to start.“We’ve taken a little heat tonight,” Chopp said. “Staff has taken a little heat. I think Toby needs to take a little heat, too.” read more

Security Council briefed on killing of Red Cross workers in DR of

“We will be following this and hoping that those who can are engaged in finding the people responsible and holding them accountable,” Council President James Cunningham of the United States told the press today after the Council heard a briefing by UN Assistant-Secretary-General for Peacekeeping Operations Hédi Annabi on the incident. The six workers from the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) were killed on 26 April on the road between Djugu and Fataki in the northeast of the country, some 40 miles north of Bunia. They had been on their way to deliver medicines to a health centre in the area.”This is a subject of great interest to the Council and it has obvious connections to what we are trying to achieve in the Congo,” Ambassador Cunningham said. “We’ll keep this on our agenda and, as I told the Secretariat and the Council members, it’s something that we should not forget. We should try to follow this up and see that some measure of justice is done.” read more

LeBron May Already Be The Greatest Laker Of AllTime

CelticsBird • Pierce • Parish1,21363% 1James+11.1Mikan28.5Chamberlain.248 You can make the case that Jabbar — and maybe also Chamberlain and Karl Malone, who had a cup of coffee with the Lakers when he was 40 — generated more total value in their careers than James has to date. So his case as the greatest player to ever wear a Lakers uniform is not totally open and shut. But the fact that James can even enter the argument, a day into his tenure with one of the most decorated franchises in pro sports history, is telling about his stature among NBA legends.It remains to be seen if James will be the Lakers’ lone surefire future Hall of Famer next season; whether he gets big-name help will likely determine L.A.’s viability as a true threat to the Golden State Warriors’ supremacy right away. Whatever happens, though, James has finally restored to the Lakers the one resource they’ve scarcely been able to live without over the years: legendary talent. Thunder/SonicsPayton • Durant • Westbrook56636 PistonsLanier • Thomas • Hill56239 LeBron James in a Los Angeles Lakers uniform used to be the stuff of fan photoshops and NBA 2K’s franchise mode.1Usually accomplished by switching off the game’s trading AI. But now it has become reality, after the announcement Sunday night that James is signing a four-year, $153 million free-agent contract with L.A. It might be jarring at first to see James in Lakers gear this fall — but he’ll fit right in with a franchise whose destiny has always been determined by Hall of Fame talent. In fact, even among the Lakers’ many, many historical stars, James could be the best player who ever suited up for the team the first second that he steps onto a court wearing Forum blue and gold.In their 70-year history, the Lakers have won 16 NBA championships, one behind their archrival Boston Celtics for the most by any franchise in the league. And most of that success has been due to the team’s immense star power: players such as Magic Johnson, Shaquille O’Neal, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, George Mikan, Wilt Chamberlain, Kobe Bryant, Jerry West, Elgin Baylor … the list goes on and on. If we measure player value using a mixture of’s Player Efficiency Rating and Win Shares, and look back in history to 1963,2For accounting purposes, this was the first season for which we know exactly how many minutes a player split between teams if he switched teams midseason. Los Angeles has gotten nearly 1,200 total wins above replacement3Using the same replacement-level threshold as in Daniel Myers’s VORP metric. from players who either eventually ended up in the Hall of Fame or are likely to be there someday — a number that represents roughly 60 percent of the team’s total wins above replacement over that period. In each regard, only the Celtics have gotten more out of their Hall members, and the Lakers might have surpassed even Boston if we could have also included the contributions of Mikan and Vern Mikkelsen (who played before we have a precise accounting of a player’s minutes spent with each team during a season). KnicksEwing • Frazier • Reed56339 5Horry+4.8Jabbar23.0West.213 4O’Neal+5.3West23.1Johnson.225 BPM is calculated since 1974. PER and WS/48 are calculated since 1952.Source: JazzMalone • Stockton • Dantley55841 * Weighting active players’ WAR by their Hall of Fame probability.WAR is calculated using a mixture of Win Shares and Player Efficiency Rating.Source: 3Jabbar+5.4O’Neal26.1Jabbar.228 WarriorsCurry • Barry • Mullin53939 10Harper+3.8Baylor21.8Bryant.171 9Grant+4.0Howard22.3Howard.172 RocketsOlajuwon • Harden • Malone68845 6Bryant+4.4Johnson23.0O’Neal.208 8Russell+4.1Bryant22.4Dantley.189 SpursDuncan • Robinson • Gervin73939 LakersBryant • Jabbar • Johnson1,16558 Top 10 in BPMTop 10 in PERTop 10 in WS/48 Which teams have relied on Hall of Famers?The franchises with the most wins above replacement (WAR) from players who are currently in, or are likely to be in,* the Hall of Fame, 1963-2018 7Gasol+4.4Chamberlain22.8Malone.205 The Lakers’ greatest players, by the numbersWhere LeBron James ranks in career Box Plus/Minus, Player Efficiency Rating and Win Shares per 48 minutes relative to other Lakers 76ersBarkley • Erving • Chamberlain71350 2Johnson+7.4James28.3James.238 From 1997 through 2013, the Lakers had picked up double-digit WAR from Hall of Fame players in 16 of 17 seasons, almost always managing to pair Bryant with an all-time great like an O’Neal or a Pau Gasol (who, perhaps surprisingly, has a 93 percent Hall probability according to Basketball-Reference). It was part of a pipeline that had flowed nearly uninterrupted since the days of Mikan in the 1950s. But since 2014, Los Angeles has gotten a mere 2.4 WAR from future Hall of Famers, almost all of it belonging to Gasol before he departed for the Bulls. (Apologies to Lou Williams and Jordan Hill, but they’ll probably have to pay to visit Springfield like the rest of us.)Even granting that we don’t know what the future will ultimately hold for younger prospects such as Julius Randle, Lonzo Ball and Brandon Ingram, the Lakers had never gotten fewer than 7 WAR from Hall of Famers in any five-year span since 1963 — and that dark period came from 1992 to 1996, right after Johnson abruptly retired after contracting HIV. The franchise really was never forced to confront life without an NBA legend for so long until very recently.And thanks to James, it won’t have to anymore. Our CARMELO projection system thinks LeBron will add about 12 wins to the Lakers’ tally next season. Depending on whether L.A. can also trade for Kawhi Leonard (or sign another star to pair with James), the team could see its Hall of Fame contributions be rebuilt even further. Either way, the Lakers’ pipeline of all-time talent is gushing again.Moreover, by the historical metrics, LeBron might instantly be the best player who has ever suited up for the Lakers (in terms of stats produced across a player’s entire career, not just with the Lakers). James is the NBA’s all-time career leader in Box Plus/Minus (which can be calculated going back to 1974), easily outpacing Johnson. Among fellow Lakers, he trails only Mikan in Player Efficiency Rating (ranking one slot ahead of O’Neal), and he trails only Chamberlain in Win Shares per 48 minutes (coming in one spot better than Jabbar): FranchiseTop three HOF players by WARWAR By all HOFHOF % of total WAR read more

Fisheries revival could scupper Scottish independence dream

first_imgWe shouldn’t be too hard on Ruth Davidson who wasn’t even born when Ted Heath signed away some of the richest fishing grounds in the northern hemisphere. But successive Tory leaders failed to heed the pleas to re-negotiate the hated CFP which allows the UK only 13 per cent by value of the fish caught in what were previously British waters. Small businessmen like fishing boat skippers and processors were natural Tories, hence their accusations of “betrayal” by Heath and his successors for nearly half a century.  A Department of Agriculture and Fisheries paper as far back as 1970 warned that allowing such massive access to European boats would ‘lead to a weaker and less efficient national fleet’.Scottish Tories duly paid the price for Heath’s “betrayal”. Replaced in all their coastal constituencies by the Nationalists, they were subsequently wiped out throughout Scotland as a whole in 1997. With Alex Salmond representing the key fishing constituency of Banff and Buchan, the SNP was able to build itself into the political behemoth it has become. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. ian duncan Scottish Tories went into the EU referendum advocating a “remain” vote. So, it’s fair to say that its leadership has found itself on the right side of the fisheries argument purely by default. Outraged at the collapse of their whole way of life, “fisher folk” and “fermin folk” united to turf Alex Salmond out of his rural Gordon constituency, replacing him with a Turriff farmer. But throughout the North East the fishing vote clearly played the key role in the SNP’s rout. Fergus Ewing, the current fisheries minister, claims the SNP has always opposed the CFP.  The truth is somewhat different. The party’s spin has always been that successive incompetent UK governments could not negotiate a favourable deal for Scotland. trawler Scottish trawlermen in Atlantic watersCredit:getty On a recent trip to Peterhead, David Mundell, the Scottish Secretary, lifted up a giant cod for the media to photograph. It was hard to decide who looked the more startled suddenly to be hailed as the fishermen’s friend, Mundell or the dead cod.Cod, as a stock, has seen an impressive comeback in recent months.  So has the Tory brand, particularly in the heartlands of Scotland’s fishing industry, the North East.  What makes the revival remarkable is that it has come as a direct result of Brexit.Indeed “hard Brexit” is seen by many as the potential saviour of an industry that has been too long in the doldrums. Orders for new boats are up and former crewmen are clamouring to get back to sea. Far from revivifying the independence dream there is now the very real prospect that Britain’s withdrawal from the EU, and consequently from the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) and the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), could actually trigger its demise.center_img Lord Duncan is well versed in the issuesCredit:Stuart Nicol Seagulls over a large fishing vessel in LerwickCredit:Getty The Tories now have a golden opportunity to put Heath’s “betrayal” behind them. Lord Duncan, the Scotland Office Minister and a former deputy CEO of the Scottish Fishing Federation, well understands the complexities of fisheries negotiations. Westminster’s man in charge will be Michael Gove, the adopted son of an Aberdeen fish merchant. Gove and Duncan seem ideally suited to hold the Brexit negotiators’ feet to the fire.  Doubtless, EU vessels will continue to fish in the UK pond post-Brexit, but the British (and Scottish) governments, not Brussels, will have the right to decide who fishes where and for what species. It’s exactly the deal with the EU that Norway enjoys. It’s the kind of deal Britain could have had years ago if only the courage and political will had been there.Ted Brocklebank was a Tory MSP from 2003-2011 and is a former fisheries spokesman    fishing Could Salmond’s personal nemesis be the beginning of a nation-wide disillusionment with a party that promotes a failed Brexit negotiation as its best electoral hope? Could the bursting of the independence bubble come from the same fisheries heartlands that gave it birth? The evidence is stacking up as SNP stalwarts, including Alex Neil and Jim Sillars, openly question the absurdity of their party’s position on fisheries. What was needed was SNP determination and persuasiveness at the Brussels negotiations. Try telling that to the hapless Richard Lochhead, the SNP’s long-serving rural affairs spokesman, who sat alongside British fisheries ministers for years, and saw at first hand the impossibility of getting agreement among more than twenty EU countries. At the recent election, SNP candidates in fishing constituencies echoed the Ewing line, while Nicola Sturgeon was blithely claiming that Scotland in Europe would remain part of the CFP. Indeed the SNP’s fate in the fishing heartlands was probably sealed in Andrew Neil’s pre-election interview with the First Minister, when she conceded that in exchange for full EU membership a Scottish government would readily hand control of fisheries back to Brussels.  Previously booming fishing ports like Peterhead, Fraserburgh, Burghead and Lossiemouth have struggled for years under catch quota reductions and cuts in fleet sizes.  In 1974, when Heath signed up to the EEC, Britain had Europe’s biggest fishing fleet and 80 per cent of all its fishing waters. In that same year more than 500 boats worked out of Peterhead alone. It’s still Britain’s biggest landing port, but Peterhead has seen its fleet reduced to a rump with half of its remaining 90-odd vessels under 10 metres in length.last_img read more

Preliminary hearing scheduled for man accused of killing SDPD Officer Jonathan JD

first_img 00:00 00:00 spaceplay / pause qunload | stop ffullscreenshift + ←→slower / faster ↑↓volume mmute ←→seek  . seek to previous 12… 6 seek to 10%, 20% … 60% XColor SettingsAaAaAaAaTextBackgroundOpacity SettingsTextOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundSemi-TransparentOpaqueTransparentFont SettingsSize||TypeSerif MonospaceSerifSans Serif MonospaceSans SerifCasualCursiveSmallCapsResetSave SettingsSAN DIEGO (KUSI) – A preliminary hearing is scheduled Monday for a man accused of fatally shooting San Diego police Officer Jonathan “J.D.” DeGuzman and wounding his partner in Southcrest in 2016.Jesse Michael Gomez, 58, faces the death penalty if convicted of murder, attempted murder and a special circumstance allegation of murder of a police officer. The preliminary hearing will determine whether Gomez will proceed to trial on those charges. He remains held without bail.Gomez is accused of shooting DeGuzman and Wade Irwin — two gang-unit officers — about 11 p.m. on July 28, 2016, when they tried to detain him in the 3700 block of Acadia Grove Way.Patrol personnel responding to the officers’ call for backup found them suffering from gunshot wounds to their upper bodies.DeGuzman, a 16-year SDPD veteran, was pronounced dead after being rushed to a hospital.Gomez was taken into custody in a ravine off South 38th Street, a short distance from the scene of the shooting. He was hospitalized with a gunshot wound to his upper body. Preliminary hearing scheduled for man accused of killing SDPD Officer Jonathan “J.D.” DeGuzman Categories: Local San Diego News FacebookTwitter June 17, 2019 Elizabeth Alvarez Elizabeth Alvarez, Posted: June 17, 2019last_img read more

Ryan Lauren Tannehill welcome new baby boy to their family

first_imgMIAMI (WSVN) – The Miami Dolphins are adding a little leaguer to the team thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Tannehill.Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill and his wife, Lauren, welcomed a baby boy into their family.Lauren gave birth on Sunday, and the first-time parents said they couldn’t be happier.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img

Why Better Homes Gardens Is Going MobileFirst

first_imgBetter Homes & Gardens rolled out a new website this week and, with it, a new mobile-first strategy. Folio: So what was the goal with the new build? Folio: Did you also survey your readers or look for any kind of feedback from power users or was this all based on internal ideas? Stewart: Yes, we integrated our advertising placements across our core pages more. We have our ads integrated within the card layout; we’ve eliminated the right rail on core pages and really integrated it within the content. Native is big for us, so getting native placed within all the different types of content. Obviously increased ad viewability was a big thing for us too. Stewart: Our mobile environment wasn’t that great so we really focused on improving the mobile site experience with a responsive design. As I’ve said before we’ve moved to the more usable features by surfacing the content so we’re really thinking of mobile first. Folio: Did you build this all in-house or did you work with a third party? Stewart: No, we get lots of emails from our readers so we take that into account. Also, we have our social users who are responding to us and then we also have focus group data. All that stuff helped with the new site concept.  Lory Stewart: Probably five years now, obviously we’ve made some enhancement throughout there but not a big change with the design.  Folio: First, how long was the old site active? Stewart: We’ve moved more to a modern usability feature so we have infinite scroll on our channel and category pages, more card layout, we’re better serving our content so videos, articles, slideshows, blogs, all of our content is going to be surfaced higher on the page so it gets to the user right away. The channel and category pages are by far our biggest change with the infinite scroll and card-type layout. Stewart: Over 50 percent of our users are coming through mobile devices today and our mobile visits have nearly doubled since this time last year.center_img Stewart: Our goal with the new website was to have a more modern design that showcases the BHG imagery. We wanted to improve our mobile experience, improve the user experience around content discovery; daily content programming and we wanted to increase the page speed to make our users happier. So those are kind of the bigger goals that we had for the new site.  With an emerging younger demographic and technology changing fast, the brand decided it was time for a change in order to expand its average digital audience of 9 million monthly unique visitors. Here, Folio: talks with Lory Stewart, general manager of digital at BHG, to learn more about the relaunch and the brand’s strategy. … If you think mobile shouldn’t be a priority for the brand because of its core demo, think again. It’s gaining huge traction through that channel, and the brand reports that almost half of its audience (49 percent) is under the age of 44.  Folio: Did you launch anything new or cooperate with advertising partners on getting the best viewability, better products for advertisers on this site? Folio: In terms of more granular features, is there anything new that you’re excited about? Stewart: We built it all in-house. We have a product centric organization that works in an agile environment. We have a dedicated Scrum team, we have a dedicated testing and design team, and we have great collaboration between product and technology, our editorial brand, advertising and design. All of these groups were really intimately involved in the refresh process. Folio: What needed to change with the UX? Folio: What kind of data were you seeing from your users that led to a mobile-first strategy?last_img read more

Kodiak jig fishermen explore other markets during poor cod season

first_imgDarius Kasprzak and his vessel, the Marona, which he says he’s in the process of repainting. (Photo by Kayla Desroches / KMXT)Kodiak processors and fishermen are seeing the effects of the 80 percent cut to cod quota in the Gulf of Alaska.Listen nowSome small boat fishermen who previously relied on targeting cod are turning to other means to make a profit. One way to do that is to join a community supported fishery, or CSF.That’s what some Kodiak jig fishermen are doing to bolster their incomes.Jig fisherman Darius Kasprzak holds up a scrap piece of iron from WWII. He says he picked it up off a beach and uses it as a weight for his line.“When people were making money cod fishing, you’d just buy lead weights, but those days are over,” Kasprzak said.Kasprzak is the president of the Alaska Jig Association, and says – like him – a lot of jig fishermen made the bulk of their income off cod.And with the decline of cod, he says he’s also seen the association drop from around 40 members to 15 or 16.Kasprzak says where he once harvested rockfish in the summer to diversify his catch, it’s now his target species. However, he says his rockfish catches have been less plentiful recently.“We can no longer continue to do business on a volume oriented business model, because the volume just isn’t there anymore,” Kasprzak said. “You have to get paid more for less fish. It’s the only way we can remain in business.”Kasprzak describes a careful process of ensuring the rockfish remains fresh from sea to dock. The goal is to emphasize quality over quantity.“When you hold the finished sample in your hands, it’s just a like a piece of Ivory soap. It’s just white and clear, there’s no bruising, there’s no gapping.”That’s the kind of quality people in the Lower 48 are willing to pay for. At least that’s what some jig fishermen are banking on.Kazprzak along with a handful of other fishermen are selling rockfish to Sitka Salmon Shares, a direct-to-consumer group that markets fresh, sustainably-caught product to customers in the Midwest.The organization is also working with a couple of processors around Kodiak, like Global Seafoods.Plant manager Nik Morozov says Global Seafoods had the space available to accommodate the group.“And then we just in general didn’t want to turn down the small guys in town, so we decided to take on a project,” Morozov said.And Morozov says with the 80 percent cut to cod quota this year, it also provides his employees with extra work.“So, anything that we could plug up into those empty spaces there would help,” Morozov said. “It gives them at least an extra couple of hours here and there.”Right now, Sitka Salmon Shares’ business is not a money maker.Morozov says they’ll be breaking even, and they’d like more fishermen and a bigger harvest to make a profit.Ryan Horwath is the Kodiak fleet manager for Sitka Salmon Shares and calls their 4 to 6 fishermen a “happy” number of participants for the group at this point.But Horwath hopes there could be room to grow in the future.“If we can fill these orders, these early orders, then they are talking about expanding their business to include more species from Kodiak,” Horwath said.Horwath says Sitka Salmon Shares is buying more rockfish out of Kodiak this year after a preliminary purchase in 2017.That’s good news for fishermen targeting rockfish. Horwath says Sitka Salmon Shares offers vessels around a dollar a pound for the fish, which is at least twice the profit Kodiak jig fishermen would usually make on rockfish, if not more.And while Horwath is optimistic about getting other processors involved, he says companies may give priority to more profitable operations. Breaking even might not be enough in the long run.last_img read more

Armed forces ready to help flood affected people Army Chief

first_imgBangladesh Army chief General Aziz Ahmed. File PhotoBangladesh Army chief General Aziz Ahmed has said the armed forces are ready to help the countrymen if the flood situation worsens in the coming days, reports news agency UNB.He made the remarks while replying to a question at the end of the first session of the fourth day of deputy commissioners’ conference at the secretariat in Dhaka on Wednesday.General Aziz said they have informed everyone that the Army, the Navy and the Air Force are ready to help, if needed.The flood situation has been worsening in a number of districts across the country for the last few days. Rising water has cut off road communications and stranded hundreds of thousands of people.The situation has also led to a shortage of food and drinking water and spreading water-borne diseases.last_img read more

Nintendo is deliberately holding back Wii U first party game releases

first_imgThe launch of the Wii U is just over two weeks away and on release there will be a bunch of games worth considering. Of those, Nintendo has two first-party titles on offer including Nintendoland and New Super Mario Bros. U. But what about other Nintendo games in the pipeline?Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata has admitted during a Q&A session with investors that Nintendo is deliberately holding back a number of first party games. The reason isn’t because there are development issues or manufacturing problems. Instead, Iwata is attempting to guarantee ongoing interest in the Wii U after the holiday season ends early next year.In other words, once January is over Nintendo doesn’t want to be left relying on third party releases to get the new console through 2013. Instead, they intend a slow drip release of quality, and in so doing be in a position to compete against both other popular games on competing platforms and possibly even a new console release from Microsoft or Sony.From a business point of view it makes a lot of sense, but that won’t stop it causing frustration among gamers waiting for certain titles to release. Ultimately, first party games will be finished and shelved for a few months until Nintendo sees fit to release them. That won’t matter much if there are major stock shortages of the Wii U hardware, though.Iwata admitted that in the past Nintendo has released too many games too early for new hardware, and they won’t make the same mistake with the Wii U. He also stated that delaying game releases has been made possible due to a strong line-up of titles from third parties.It seems unlikely Nintendo will change the release dates of titles already announced, such as Pikmin 3 (December 31) and Wii Fit U (before March 31). But any Nintendo games announced without a release date probably shouldn’t be expected until the second half of 2013.More at Nintendo Japan, via ShopTolast_img read more

Octobot is the worlds first completely soft robot

first_imgRobots are usually made of cold, unforgiving metal that isn’t very pleasant to interact with. Scientists have been working on so-called “soft robotics” in recent years to make machines a little more flexible in the real world, and a team from Harvard has created the first ever completely soft robot using a combination of 3D printing, pneumatics, and chemical reactions. It contains no electronics or solid components at all.Soft robotics often take inspiration from the noble octopus, so it’s only right that the first fully soft robot should mimic this creature. It’s called the Octobot, of course. The body of the Octobot was built with a combination of 3D printing, molding, and soft lithography. Each of the limbs contains a pneumatic channel connected to a central microfluidic logic circuit that controls the flow of fuel. It’s like a simple circuit board, but without any of the solid components.The chemical reaction that powers the Octobot is the catalyzed decomposition of hydrogen peroxide with a platinum catalyst. That produces water and a large volume of oxygen gas. The oxygen is what causes the limbs to move as it makes its way down the pneumatic channels. The microfluidic logic circuit controls which limbs the gas flows into as it is produced.In the video above, you can see the Octobot’s limbs moving, but they don’t seem to be doing anything particularly useful, and that’s because they aren’t. This robot isn’t mobile or capable of interacting with its environment. It’s just a proof of concept to see if a chemical reaction and logic circuit can control the movement of a soft robot. The experiment was a success, so the next step is to devise a more complex version that is able to swim and interact with objects. I’m sure it will be the cuddliest robot/Spectre logo ever.last_img read more

Hitting all the right notes

first_imgNostalgia at 1911 Brasserie at The Imperial orchestrated the launch of Piano club on Steinway back in 2014 to initiate extravagant live concerts with unique artists, promoting the live music heritage of the hotel. This year, in association with Hungarian Information and Cultural Centre, Nostalgia had Zoltan Fejervari, to perform and mesmerise music aficionados in the Capital. Speaking on the occasion Vijay Wanchoo, Sr Executive Vice President and GM said, “It gives us great pleasure to celebrate yet another eclectic sojourn in Western classical music, at the Piano Club. We have always worked towards promoting art and culture at The Imperial and these luxury piano recitals are designed to wield magic and make one experience exclusive repertoires, by award winning pianists.” Also Read – Add new books to your shelfWinner of the 2017 Concours Musical International de Montreal for piano, Zoltan Fejervari, opened up in a conversation with Millennium Post about his musical journey and his performances in India. Excerpts from an interview:”I officially started playing the piano at eight. But since both my parents are classical musicians (mother is a violinist, father is a violist) I had been actually playing since I was four,” said Zoltan.When asked how he planned to utilise the Borletti Buitoni Trust Award, which he received last year, he said, “I have already spent a major amount of the budget. Their goal is to help develop your career, so it is also a common decision with them. We concluded on making a website with the prize money. I’m spending the rest of the money for a very nice and old Steinway model C piano which I’m purchasing from New York. It’s going to be my practice piano, so I’m very happy.” Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveWho would be his favourite musicians? “I’m not sure I can actually answer that, firstly because it’s very flexible and secondly I could actually make a never ending list of musicians, and I would say all the composures of the last five centuries. But if I start telling names I might miss out some, so I’d rather not,” laughed the charming 30-year-old.Sharing his thoughts on his maiden visit to India, Zoltan expressed, “Well, it is a huge country, but certainly, I have never been in a country which is so significantly different from where I come from. It is really refreshing and amazing. From the first moment I got into the car, everything is so different. I tried some Indian traditional sea food in Pune, although I skipped the very spicy ones as I was recommended, but otherwise the things I tried so far were really delicious.” Regarding his performance at The Imperial, he said, “I certainly look forward to playing here. A concert is never really different. Somehow, once you get into the point of playing you feel at home…”Talking about some of his experiences while performing at concerts, Zoltan shared some insights and fun moments. “You’re never safe in a concert in many aspects. For example, many concerts are planned much in advance and it’s all decided who will play which piece. But then something happens, and someone has to cancel out, or somebody breaks a finger, or you have to change the programme, so you always have to be prepared for such situations. Like it happened two days ago, I was going to play with an excellent cellist, Istvan Vardai, who had an unfortunate ticket issue and he couldn’t make it, so I played a solo programme which I had to pick up in a day! It was interesting, I like those unexpected events, it makes you flexible.””There was this one time, I was playing in south of Spain for people who had probably not attended a concert, and they were talking during the programme; it was a mess. There was a time when someone broke a chair and yelled during the performance, which was a little scary, but you have to go on. You fingers have this basic instinct, you don’t stop playing unless the place is bombed or something. I was thinking what might have happened, was it a heart attack?” laughed Fejervari, who loves to hike, read and fish during leisure. Fejervari had been chosen by distinguished pianist Andras Schiff for his ‘Building Bridges’ concert series for the 2017-18 season. Explaining the honour Zoltan said, “It is not really collaboration, but rather a very generous help from him. He has a project called ‘Building Bridges’, which is provided for three pianist every season who he chooses form the young generation and helps them to be heard throughout Europe. So, this season we’re performing in places like Berlin, Brussels, and Zurich.”He chose to play the melodious Beethoven Sonata 53 ‘Waldstein’, and a dance piece by Zoltan Kodaly, one of Hungary’s most important composures, titled Dances of Marosszek, for his audience on his debut performance in the city.last_img read more

ReSharper 182 brings performance improvements C 73 Blazor support and spellcheck

first_imgJetBrains released ReSharper Ultimate 2018.2 with fixes for improved performance, and C# 7.3 support, integrated spellcheck. It also features JSLint, ESLint, and TSLint support along with navigation improvements. Performance improvements Around 30 performance fixes are made in different areas of ReSharper. They range from speeding up EditorConfig support to decreasing solution loading times. Visit the page dedicated to performance improvements for more details. C# 7.3 support ReSharper now fully supports C# 7.3 including all features from the latest. New inspections and appropriate quick-fixes are included to make compatible with C# 7.3. The features include Tuple equality, pattern-based fixed statement, indexing movable fixed buffers and others. JSLint, ESLint, and TSLint support These three static analysis tools have been integrated into JavaScript/TypeScript code analysis. This will provide additional inspections and appropriate quick-fixes. These linters help ensure readability in JavaScript and TypeScript code. Integrated spell checking with ReSpeller There is spell-checking functionality out of the box, enabled for most of the supported languages. By default, this spell checker comes with a built-in dictionary for English (US) but more languages can be downloaded. Blazor support added Blazor is experimental as of now, but initial support is added in ReSharper. For example, code completion includes all possible directives such as page (routing), inject (service injection), and function (component members). Navigation improvements A long-awaited feature is introduced for Search & Navigation options: ignored files can be specified by using a mask in under Search & Navigation in Environment. Files can be excluded from all search and navigation features based on a file extension or by folder. Some ReSharper features now take local functions into account, they include: File Structure, Containing Declaration, Next/Previous Members, and others. Formatter engine updated Comments that override formatter settings can now be generated automatically. Improvements are made to the formatting rules presentation which come from a StyleCop config file. Refactorings UI update Many ReSharper refactorings are moved to the new presentation framework. This will yield many benefits in the near future thanks to a unified control behavior for ReSharper and Rider. Visible UI changes are code completion under Change Signature and a better presentation for Extract Method. Other features Fix-in-scope quick-fixes now have more granular fixing scopes. The code style for Built-in Type has been improved. There’s a new option to execute BeforeBuild and AfterBuild targets for skipped projects in ReSharper Build.  A new inspection was also added to highlight misplaced text in XAML. For more details visit the JetBrains page. Read next Visual Studio code July 2018 release, version 1.26 is out! Microsoft releases the Python Language Server in Visual Studio Visual Studio 2019: New features you should expect to seelast_img read more

United Airlines becomes first carrier to receive Green Hospitality Awa

first_imgUnited Airlines Becomes First Carrier to Receive Audubon International’s Green Hospitality AwardUnited Airlines becomes first carrier to receive Green Hospitality AwardUnited Airlines reached yet another milestone in its role as the world’s most environmentally conscious airline by becoming the first carrier to achieve certification through the new Audubon International Green Hospitality Program for the airline’s United Club location in Terminal 7 of Los Angeles International Airport. Audubon International awarded United its gold-level certification in recognition of the airport lounge’s exemplary indoor air quality, innovative composting program and overall dedication to environmental stewardship.United and Audubon International, the not-for-profit environmental education organization dedicated to sustainable natural resource management, will continue to work together to further improve the sustainability of the airline’s airport lounges around the globe, including its new United Polaris lounge locations at several major U.S. hubs. United has already achieved separate “Green Business” certifications for United Club locations from the cities of Los Angeles, Denver and San Diego.United’s achievement at Los Angeles International Airport follows the airline’s historic launch of service in 2016 using commercial-scale volumes of sustainable aviation fuel at the Los Angeles hub for regularly scheduled departures.“As an industry-leading airline in green initiatives, we are constantly pursuing ways to reduce our footprint, whether through our use of low-carbon, sustainable aviation biofuel or our revaluation of onboard materials that resulted in keeping 30,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide out of the air each year,” said Gavin Molloy, United’s vice president of corporate real estate and environmental affairs. “Teaming up with Audubon International enables us to further reduce our impact on the environment not just in the air but also at our facilities across our system.”“We’re very happy to welcome United Airlines into our Green Hospitality program,” said Christine Kane, Audubon International’s chief executive officer. “United’s focus on minimizing the environmental impact of its operation aligns perfectly with our mission to foster the sustainable use of natural resources in all the places people live, work and play. This partnership is a great example of how working together to improve individual aspects of one’s daily life or business operation will result in a larger, and more positive, cumulative impact.”“At Los Angeles International Airport, being at the forefront of environmental sustainability is a top priority not only for our airport, but for our airline partners as well,” said Samantha Bricker, Los Angeles World Airports’ deputy executive director for environmental programs. “We are pleased that United chose this Los Angeles United Club lounge to be the first to achieve certification through the new Audubon International Green Hospitality Program and we look forward to continuing to work with United on environmental stewardship efforts.”Last year, United teamed up with Audubon International to protect raptors – including hawks, kestrels and owls – in and around New York-area airports and resettle the birds of prey at suitable golf course habitats where the species are more likely to thrive. The Raptor Relocation Program helps minimize risk to wildlife, reduce damage to aircraft and enable the airline to operate more efficiently within some of the world’s busiest airspace.United’s award-winning Eco-Skies program represents the company’s commitment to the environment and the actions taken every day to create a sustainable future. In 2017, Air Transport World (ATW) magazine named United the Eco-Airline of the Year for the second time since the airline launched the Eco-Skies program. This year, United Airlines ranked No. 1 among global carriers in Newsweek’s Global 500 Green Rankings, one of the most recognized environmental performance assessments of the world’s largest publicly traded companies.For more information on United’s commitment to environmental sustainability, visit UnitedUnited Airlines and United Express operate approximately 4,600 flights a day to 354 airports across five continents. In 2017, United and United Express operated more than 1.6 million flights carrying more than 148 million customers. United is proud to have the world’s most comprehensive route network, including U.S. mainland hubs in Chicago, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, Newark/New York, San Francisco and Washington, D.C. United operates 750 mainline aircraft and the airline’s United Express carriers operate 545 regional aircraft. The airline is a founding member of Star Alliance, which provides service to 191 countries via 28 member airlines. For more information, visit, follow @United on Twitter or connect on Facebook. The common stock of United’s parent, United Continental Holdings, Inc., is traded on the NYSE under the symbol “UAL”.Source = United Airlineslast_img read more

US Housing Market Tilts Back Toward Stable Ground

first_imgU.S. Housing Market Tilts Back Toward Stable Ground in Daily Dose, Data, Featured, News Following a slower than expected summer, the U.S. housing market made up some ground in September as most major indicators inched closer to stability.Freddie Mac released last week its latest Multi-Indicator Market Index (MiMi), revealing a 0.5 percent uptick in September to a reading of 74.4 after months of slight declines. The most recent improvement puts the index a few points short of the lower threshold for a market considered to be in “stable” territory.According to Freddie Mac, three of the four major indicators tracked in the index saw improvements in September, led by a 1.2 percent gain in the gauge of labor health to 94. The components measuring payment-to-income ratios and the proportion of mortgage payments made on time also edged up, rising 0.8 percent to 72.7 and 0.5 percent to 66.6, respectively.Meanwhile, the already weak picture of home purchase applications deteriorated further, falling 0.8 percent to 64.1. As refinances have fallen off from their surge of the last few years, purchase applications have failed to close the gap, resulting in a more anemic mortgage market compared to the housing recovery’s early years.As of September’s index reading, 14 states and the District of Columbia were in a stable range, with North Dakota (96.5), Washington, D.C. (94.3), Wyoming (91.1), Montana (91.0), and Hawaii (89.3) leading the rest. That compares to 13 states in August’s report.”Following a similar trend from last month more states and metros continued to show improvement from the very slow summer months,” said Len Kiefer, deputy chief economist at Freddie Mac.As with the last few reports, only six of the nation’s top 50 metro areas were in a stable range: San Antonio (91.3), Austin (87.6), Salt Lake City (84.4), Houston (84), Los Angeles (83.5), and New Orleans (82).Meanwhile, a handful of struggling states—including Nevada, which ranks lowest in stability with a MiMi value of 54.6—saw significant improvement over the month, with growth topping 1 percent and climbing as high as 2 percent in some places.Of note in the September release: California finally returned to its historical stable range of housing activity for the first time in six years. The long-struggling state still has its challenges, however.”[W]hile the state has made a strong comeback, we already see one of its four indicators elevated and showing that the typical family continues to have to stretch to buy a median priced house, especially in the Los Angeles metro area,” Kiefer said. “That said, far fewer homeowners are delinquent on their homes, the employment situation continues to improve and even purchase applications are beginning to turn around.” December 1, 2014 475 Views center_img Share Freddie Mac Jobs Multi-Indicator Market Index Purchase Loans 2014-12-01 Tory Barringerlast_img read more

Credit PAMaxThe mo

Credit: PAMax, The moment was also caught on CCTV, *** 1. Some species also have a gap between the lens and the iris to allow extra light in the retina, Tuesday after receiving a report of a suspicious man. who works in EPA’s policy office, Read More: We Asked a Battery Expert Why Samsungs Phones Are Catching Fire Samsung Electronics’ common shares were down 6. Andrew Colvin, Don’t Miss: Subscribe to Sport News.

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