Gabba curator Mitchell to pull up stumps after Ashes

first_imgMELBOURNE, Australia (Reuters) – Long-serving Gabba curator Kevin Mitchell, who has prepared pitches at the Australian cricket fortress for over 30 years, has said he will step down after the series-opening Ashes Test.The Brisbane venue has long been acclaimed for the quality of its pitches, which invariably offer pace and bounce for fast bowlers, turn for spinners and the possibility of big totals for batting sides.“I’d taken a step back from the physical side of work and engaged in more of a guidance role with the team to see out my contract while helping to recruit my successor,” Mitchell told Brisbane’s Courier Mail.“I want to thank the grounds team for their continual efforts to meet the high standards required and maintaining the culture of having great pride in producing quality playing surfaces.”Queensland sports minister Mick de Brenni paid tribute to Mitchell for laying the foundation for some of Australia’s most dominant performances.“Kevin truly is an icon, and to have kept producing an absolute world-class deck on a ground that’s used all year round has taken a particular talent. So, absolutely, very, very big shoes to fill,” he said.Mitchell learned under the wing of his father and former head groundsman Kevin Mitchell Sr, who tended the grounds from 1975 to 89 before being succeeded by his son.“The great West Indies side were out in those days with the four big quicks and Clive Lloyd, Viv Richards and the like … and I just thought, ‘what a great place to work,’” Mitchell said in comments published by state broadcaster ABC.“The Gabba is a famous, iconic, historic stadium, and you feel that responsibility to create something that Queenslanders are proud of. You have to love the job — it’s a big part of your life.”Australia have not lost a Test at the Gabba since 1988, when they were beaten by West Indies, and only two of the last 13 matches have been draws.Australia play the Ashes series opener on November 23, four years after thrashing England at the same venue by 381 runs when left-arm seamer Mitchell Johnson took nine wickets.England opening batsman Jonathan Trott’s struggles against the short ball at the Gabba saw him promptly exit the tour with a stress-related illness and Australia went on to whitewash England 5-0.last_img read more

Holding makes impassioned statement against racism

first_imgBy Leighton LevyWEST Indies fast bowler turned respected commentator, Michael Holding, has over the years developed a reputation for being outspoken. He just tells it like it is. On Wednesday, prior to the start of the #RaiseYourBat Series between the West Indies and England, he was at his best delivering a powerful message against racism.The fast-bowling great, speaking on SkySports was asked his views on the #BlackLivesMatter campaign, delivered a poignant lesson on how education and religion helped brainwash the world against people of colour. “Education is important, unless we just want to continue living the life that we are living and continue having demonstrations every now and then and a few people saying a few things,” Holding said.“When I say education I say going back in history. What people need to understand is that these things stem from a long time ago, hundreds of years ago. The dehumanisation of the black race is where it started. People will tell you that ‘oh it’s a long time ago, get over it’. No, you don’t get over things like that.”He mentioned another recent incident in the United States that brought into stark focus, just how ingrained racism has become.“That lady in central park in New York (Amy Cooper). If she did not have in her DNA the thought process that she is white and this man is black and ‘if I call a police officer, nine times out of 10 he is going to be white and I will be considered right immediately. The black guy will have to prove that he is not guilty and by the time he has to prove that he might be dead,” Holding remarked.“She had that in her mind from day one and that is why she said and did what she did. How do you get rid of that in society? By educating both black and white.”Highlighting that he was not much of a religious person, Holding said that religion has brainwashed much of the world against people of colour.“As a young man I didn’t understand what brainwashing is; now I do. We have been brainwashed. Even white people have been brainwashed,” Holding said.“I go back many years, think about religion. You and I both are Christians. Look at Jesus Christ. The image that they give of Jesus Christ, pale skin, blonde hair, blue eyes. Where Jesus came from, who in that part of the world looks that way? Again, that is brainwashing, this is to show, ‘look this is what perfection is, this is what the image of perfection is.’“If you look at the plays of those days. Judas, who betrayed Jesus, is a black man. Again brainwashing people to think, ‘oh he is a black man, he is the bad man’.”He also spoke about how those recording history have deliberately ignored achievements by people of African heritage.“We all know who invented the light bulb. Thomas Edison invented it. Edison invented the light bulb with a paper filament; it burnt out in no time at all. Can you tell me who invented the filament that makes these lights shine throughout? Nobody knows because he was a black man and it was not taught in schools. Lewis Howard Latimer invented the carbon filament because of which lights continuously shine, who knows that?” he asked. “Everything should be taught. When I go back I remember my school days, I was never taught anything good about black people. And you cannot have a society that is brought up like that, both whites and blacks, which is only taught what is convenient to the teacher.” (Sportsmax)last_img read more

Wild blue yonder

first_imgSgt. Brian Rodriguez, a Marine Corps Drill Instructor, inspects an Air Force Academy cadet at Saturday’s Southern California Invitational Drill Meet. The USC Air Force ROTC Detachment 060 has hosted the annual drill meet for 45 years. The competition featured more than 25 competing universities and high schools from across the nation. The U.S. Air Force Academy took first place overall at the university level.Tim Tran | Daily Trojanlast_img

Syracuse’s offensive line looks to rebuild depth, replace NFL draft pick Pugh

first_imgGREENSBORO, N.C. — Syracuse head coach Scott Shafer admitted at the Atlantic Coast Conference Football Kickoff on Monday that he has concerns about the Orange’s offensive line – in particular, replacing first-round draft pick Justin Pugh.“Those positions are going to be key, no different than the quarterback questions that we’ve been asked the last couple days here,” Shafer said. “Every position’s important and to try to form a cohesive unit those kids have to create the trust in one another.”The left side of the offensive line is filled with familiar faces. Center Macky MacPherson and left guard Rob Trudo are both returning starters at their positions and left tackle Sean Hickey started at the opposite tackle a year ago. Right guard Nick Robinson and right tackle Ivan Foy are the question marks.Neither were starters last year and with Shafer’s additional concern about depth, they seem to have the starting roles pretty firmed up. Shafer cited Syracuse’s high tuition rates preventing walk-ons from helping the Orange build depth — a problem that MacPherson said left SU shorthanded during its late-season collapse in 2011.MacPherson’s compliments to his offensive linemates are encouraging to Shafer though. At the core of a strong offensive line is familiarity and confidence in one another. MacPherson has told Shafer that this group is getting there. Even without a star like Pugh.AdvertisementThis is placeholder textSaid Shafer: “Every offensive line I’ve ever been around that’s worth a hill of beans, they were tight and they believed in one another.” Comments Facebook Twitter Google+ Published on July 22, 2013 at 7:56 pm Contact David: | @DBWilson2last_img read more

California minimum wage hike affects students, staff

first_imgThe recently passed California legislation that will increase the statewide minimum wage from $10 to $15 an hour will have vastly different effects on students, the University, and the California economy.Many students have expressed their support for the raise in the minimum wage, citing reasons as varied as increasing the extra spending money they enjoy from part-time jobs to expressing solidarity for low-income earners who struggle to pay the bills and provide for their families.Other students, however, see the higher minimum wage as a damper on the economy, sacrificing long-term growth for short-term benefits.Signed into law last Monday, the minimum wage bill underwent an expedited voting process through both houses of the state legislature to make it onto Gov. Jerry Brown’s desk within a week after being introduced. The remarkable speed at which the legislation went from first draft to enacted law can be attributed to a series of negotiations that took place behind the scenes, where officials worked out the bill’s many details and nuances.Under the new law, the increase in the minimum wage will take place gradually over a period of time until 2022. On Jan. 1, 2017, it will be raised to $10.50, then to $11.00 in 2018, and then a $1.00 annual increase until it reaches $15. This incremental system gives businesses time to adapt and prepare for the increased expenses they will incur, rather than overwhelming them with a rapid push to $15.Though Los Angeles County will certainly be affected by the statewide increase, this is not the first time the city has considered similar measures. In fact, last year, the L.A. County Board of Supervisors voted to increase the minimum wage incrementally to $15 by 2020. Thus, the city itself, as well as unincorporated areas within L.A. County, will experience similar wage hikes as the rest of the state but at a faster pace.Matthew Kahn, a visiting professor of economics and spatial sciences at USC, said that companies may begin to hire more experienced or efficient workers as a result of the legislation to make up for larger costs.“Economic theory predicts that a firm hires a worker if the extra revenue the worker generates per hour is greater than the extra cost she is paid,” Kahn said in an email to the Daily Trojan. “If workers are now paid $15 per hour, then firms will be less likely to hire ‘marginal’ workers. For example, if a worker is expected to generate $12 in revenue per hour — a firm would have hired her before the minimum wage of $15 was enacted but now will not do so.”Kahn also said that the gradual increase will give businesses a better chance of adapting to the new policy.Many students saw the need for a higher minimum wage in California and expressed their support for the recent reforms.“I think it’s a good thing,” said David Rosenfield, a first-year law student. “It’s going to take a few years for [the minimum wage] to get up to $15 an hour, but with what the minimum wage is now, someone working one job can’t live here in Southern California … They have to work multiple jobs.”Students are also in favor of the wage increase because of the increase income students will receive as part of the part-time employment, such as Natalie Galdanez, a sophomore majoring in theater who also works as a receptionist.“[Raising the minimum wage] will definitely give me more living money,” Galdanez said. “Since the cost of living is so high in Los Angeles, the $15 minimum wage will be a big boost to workers who live here.”Andy Navarro, a StaffPro security employee at USC, says that the wage hike will likely increase the leisure time workers like him experience, since workers won’t have to work for as long.“Most people would benefit from [the increase],” Navarro said. “I see people working hard hours here, working overtime sometimes seven days a week and doing double shifts every other day. So for them, it would be a benefit, because they wouldn’t have to work as many hours.”Opponents of the bill, however, fear that the bill will increase costs for businesses by too much, and that many will resort to laying off employees in favor of more efficiency and automation.The prices of everyday goods may also rise in tandem with the incremental wage increases because of higher overhead costs, and as a result, low-income workers will not be able to enjoy the greater purchasing power they were promised.“There’s going to be a lot fewer employees in the coming years,” said Pratik Patel, a freshman majoring in business administration.Patel also said that businesses simply cannot keep up with the rising labor costs, and something will eventually have to give.Max Gonzalez, a freshman majoring in business of cinematic arts, said that since USC employs many local residents as staff members, the local community will likely suffer as a result of potential job losses in the future.“Most of the employees that work here are from the surrounding community, and [USC] is what they live off of,” Gonzalez said. “It’s going to hurt people more than it’s going to help.”Though there is the possibility that USC will be forced to cut jobs as a result of the increase in the minimum wage, some students are hopeful that the University will be able to adapt well to the changes and prevent job losses.“I think, for large employers, the effect will be a lot less than on small employers in the sense that they will just have to make changes to the pay structure from the bottom all the way to the top,” Rosenfield said. “But I think larger employers will be able to accommodate that more easily.”Kahn also thought that larger employers, such as USC, will be in a better position to deal with the wage increases than a small business.“USC is not a for-profit firm,” Kahn said. “Our job is to teach students, to create great research and to be a vibrant community neighbor. This ‘triple bottom line’ means that USC will be better able to adapt to the minimum wage than a small business. If USC must pay workers a higher wage and if these workers live close to USC, then the general community gains extra purchasing power from the higher minimum wage. I do not believe that USC would significantly reduce its workforce due to the higher minimum wage.”The University is currently in the process of analyzing the effects of the minimum wage increase, according to Associate Senior Vice President of Auxiliary Services Daniel Stimmler.Though the economy as a whole may not be subjected to large changes, Kahn said that certain groups of people and industries may bear the brunt of the legislation’s burden.“The macroeconomy will barely be affected,” Kahn said. “Prices of some service sector goods will rise, some low-skill workers will receive a wage increase, while other low-skill workers will have more trouble finding work.”Though he acknowledges potential problems with small businesses and other concerns with sectors of the workforce, Rosenfield is optimistic that the new legislation will prove to benefit California in the years to come.“In the United States, the income gap is a pretty big issue. If you go to other countries, such as Australia or any of the Scandinavian countries, the individuals who work for minimum wage enjoy a higher standard of living than in the U.S.,” Rosenfield said. “I think it’s a good step in the right direction.”last_img read more

FC ”Olimpic” will play its matches in Tuzla

first_imgThe president of the football club ”Olimpic” Nijaz Gracić confirmed that this club will play its matches in Tuzla. Nijaz Gracić met today with his associates in Tuzla and settled the arrangement for the usage of the stadium ”Tušanj” for the next three months.”Yes, it is true that we have reached an agreement and that now officially FC ”Olimpic” will play their matches on the ” Tušanj” stadium. Just to be clear, this is just an arrangement for renting the stadium, while other element of this collaboration need to be settled further.”- said Gracić.It is also speculated that Gracić will move FC ”Olimpic” to Tuzla for the next season.last_img read more

New Iowa crime of ag-related trespassing now in place

first_imgDES MOINES — Governor Kim Reynolds Thursday signed a bill into law that creates a new crime of lying to gain access to farms and livestock facilities with the intent to do financial or physical harm.“Untrained, unapproved and unwanted items or people entering farms put farmers and the economy of the state at risk,” Reynolds said.The new law took effect immediately.“This law will improve the security and safety of Iowa farmers by criminalizing the entrance of…individuals who use deceit to enter farms and intend to cause harm,” Reynolds said.And Reynolds noted she approved it on National Ag Day.“Iowa’s farmers are known for the commitment to doing the right thing, being innovative entrepreneurs and working hard every day, rain or shine,” Reynolds says.Two months ago, a federal judge ruled a similar state law was unconstitutional. This week Republicans and a few Democrats in the legislature approved a new version that’s modeled after parts of an Idaho law which has survived one court challenge. Critics of the new Iowa law say “false speech” is still protected by the First Amendment. Many opponents call it the “ag gag” law, charging it prevents whistleblowers and consumer advocates from disclosing animal abuse.(Photo courtesy of the Governor’s office)last_img read more

Tottenham vs West Ham FIFA 20 match: Sessegnon facing Antonio TONIGHT

first_imgAlex Terrell21 Mar 2020, 8:21 pmLO CELSO STRIKEHere was the opener from Giovanni Lo Celso.Nice strike it was too! FOOTBALL isn’t returning in the near future, so Tottenham and West Ham are turning to the next best thing.Stars from both teams – Ryan Sessegnon and Michail Antonio – are settling this London rivalry with controllers in hand as they face-off on EA Sports FIFA 20.Start time: 8pm.Live stream: Twitch/WHFC website.Forfeit: Loser required to give apology wearing other team’s shirt.Follow all the virtual drama with our live blog below… Alex Terrell21 Mar 2020, 8:11 pmPEEEEEEEP!THAT’S HALF TIMETOTTENHAM 2 WEST HAM 0Alex Terrell21 Mar 2020, 8:10 pmTOTTENHAM 2 WEST HAM 045. Moura down the right for Spurs, he has good width in the attack, but he gives it away.Alex Terrell21 Mar 2020, 8:10 pmTOTTENHAM 2 WEST HAM 042. Playing Mauricio Pochettino a big compliment on commentary now.Awk. Warrrrrd.Alex Terrell21 Mar 2020, 8:09 pmTOTTENHAM 2 WEST HAM 037. Lovely one-two between Moura and Alli puts the Brazilian through on goal.All he has to do is hit the target. Sessegnon’s a bit of a baller with this game.Alex Terrell21 Mar 2020, 8:08 pmGOOOOOAAAAALLLLL SPURS!!IT’S LUCAS MOURA!!Alex Terrell21 Mar 2020, 8:08 pmTOTTENHAM 1 WEST HAM 033. Son again on the left, beats his man but the cross can’t find Alli.Load more entries… Alex Terrell21 Mar 2020, 8:22 pmSTATSHere’s how it unfolded then.Breathless stuff… completely dominated by Ryan Sessegnon’s Spurs.center_img Alex Terrell21 Mar 2020, 8:34 pmWE’LL AWAIT THE RESULTSCan’t wait to see Antonio in Spurs’ kit.Watch this space to see when that pic drops.Alex Terrell21 Mar 2020, 8:30 pmAWKWARDLoser now has to wear the other player’s kit (not just the shirt).Them’s the rules Michail. Alex Terrell21 Mar 2020, 8:19 pmBRAGGING RIGHTSLooks like Michail Antonio will have to wear a Sprus shirt as forfeit then!Alex Terrell21 Mar 2020, 8:19 pmPEEEEEEEP!!THAT’S IT AT THE TOTTENHAM STADIUMSPURS 2 WEST HAM 0Alex Terrell21 Mar 2020, 8:18 pmTOTTENHAM 2 WEST HAM 089. Only a few seconds left for either team to score. Alex Terrell21 Mar 2020, 8:18 pmTOTTENHAM 2 WEST HAM 086. Son hits the post!!!Alli comes in with the follow-up but he’s offside! Alex Terrell21 Mar 2020, 8:17 pmTOTTENHAM 2 WEST HAM 083. Counter from the corner for the Hammers.But Lloris saves from Anderson on the left, he was one on one!Alex Terrell21 Mar 2020, 8:17 pmSAVED AGAIN!!!KANE CAN’T SCORE FROM THE SPOT!Alex Terrell21 Mar 2020, 8:16 pmTOTTENHAM 2 WEST HAM 079. ANOTHER PENALTY!DIOP FOULS AGAIN!Alex Terrell21 Mar 2020, 8:16 pmTOTTENHAM 2 WEST HAM 076. Another massive chance with the header, but the keeper saves it.And again from Moura, point blank save with only the goalie to beat! Alex Terrell21 Mar 2020, 8:16 pmBUT IT’S SAVED!KANE CAN’T CONVERT IT!Alex Terrell21 Mar 2020, 8:15 pmTOTTENHAM 2 WEST HAM 067. Antonio is slowly getting back into this game now.But West Ham’s attack is a bit toothless.Spurs have a great counter as Alli feeds Kane… but Diop commits a foul in the boxPENALTY!!!Alex Terrell21 Mar 2020, 8:14 pmTOTTENHAM 2 WEST HAM 064. West Ham can’t get it out of their own half, but patience eventually pays off.Anderson has a good chance on the left, but he squanders possession inside the box!Alex Terrell21 Mar 2020, 8:13 pmTOTTENHAM 2 WEST HAM 053. Antonio is trying to get West Ham to build it up slowly now.He’s made a formation change at half time… not working so far though, they keep giving it away in dangerous positions.Alex Terrell21 Mar 2020, 8:12 pmTOTTENHAM 2 WEST HAM 047. Ooo lovely combination from Sessegnon, Kane, Son and Lo Celso sees the Argentine get a shot off but it’s blocked.West Ham go down the other end and Lanzini has a chance… straight at the keeper!Alex Terrell21 Mar 2020, 8:11 pmPEEEPHere comes the second half!Alex Terrell21 Mar 2020, 8:11 pmTHERE’S YOUR PROOF.ONLY ONE SIDE IN IT SO FAR.last_img read more

Francis fuming after JAAA’s Carter mix-up

first_imgBEIJING, China:MVP Track Club’s head coach Stephen Francis was again left fuming after confirmation arrived that Nesta Carter’s entry as a replacement for the injured Kemar Bailey-Cole in the 100m at the World Championships was rejected by the IAAF because of an administrative error by the Jamaica Athletics Administrative Association (JAAA).Team manager and JAAA treasurer Ludlow Watts defended the process, but Francis, who, just a few days ago, questioned the competence of the management team, was again on the attack, accusing the JAAA of nepotism, and called for greater accountability and professionalism.The JAAA were told by the IAAF’s chief technical delegate that their request to add Carter as a replacement for Bailey-Cole, who suffered an injury on the team’s training camp in Tottori, Japan, could not be facilitated because the JAAA had not properly registered Carter as a reserve.”He (Carter) is definitely out because the entries closed on August 10. After August 10, there can be no additions to the entries. The problem is that the JAAA – I don’t know if it’s Mr (Garth) Gayle, the general secretary, or Mr (Ludlow) Watts, the treasurer; whoever did the entry form made a horrible mess of the entry form,” said Francis.”Normally, for every event you are allowed four entries. On the day before the competition, you have to then declare which three of the four will run. That’s the typical procedure for all championships,” Francis continued. “If somebody has a wild card then you are allowed a fifth entry, who is the wild card person. So it is standard, you enter the four people so long as you have all four qualified; it’s something that we know from ‘Champs’ days.”The coach questioned whether those placed in charge of the team were simply there for their ties to the JAAA rather than their competence. He demanded that stiff action be taken against those responsible for the mess-up.TECHNICAL FORM”The problem is that those people are not supposed to be doing the entries. The entry is a technical form which should be passed to the technical people. Somebody is supposed to be double-checking, and we still have the same thing,” he added. “The practice of the JAAA of the nepotism and only using the members of their executive and so on to manage these teams is rubbish and needs to stop. There are a lot of persons outside the JAAA hierarchy who we can call on to manage and ensure our athletics is right.””Furthermore, there is no accountability, there is none! Those responsible should be on a plane on their way home. On top of the pile of errors that have already been made, including the 16-hour travel from Tottori and the lack of hotel rooms on the first night, those people should be immediately sent back to Jamaica!” Francis blasted.Meanwhile, Watts, who had told The Gleaner that an appeal was filed, maintained that he felt there was no reason to bar the entry of the athlete, contending that they had followed the regular process.”As customary, we would have used anybody from the pool to run the 100m if there is an injury, and in the past that has been the case,” said Watts. “So we have done nothing differently from what obtained in the past.””What has maintained in the past is once an athlete is entered on the Jamaica team, that athlete is capable to compete once he meets the qualifying standard. We have an injured athlete who got his injury after the deadline on August 10. We chose to use the next in line, Nesta (Carter) to compete in the 100m.They said they would have to discuss it with the chief technical delegate. They came back a day later and said it could not be done,” Watts said.last_img read more

Ambulance, MoPH vehicle collide on Camp Street

first_imgAn ambulance and a vehicle attached to the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) were on Monday involved in a three-vehicle accident at the intersection of Camp and Middle Streets, Georgetown.The ambulance involed in the accident at University of Guyana, Turkeyen junctionBased on reports received, the accident occurred about 11:00h while the emergency medical transport was returning from the Diamond hospital, East Bank Demerara, carrying a patient who had been suffering seizures.The woman driving the Ministry’s vehicle reportedly failed to heed the sirens, causing her to clip the side of the ambulance at the busy downtown intersection. The force of the impact thereby caused the medical vehicle to hit a parked car.As a result, one of the transformers attached to the electrical pole near the parked car was dislodged. Field officers attached to the Guyana Power and Light Company (GPL) were quickly dispatched to the scene to prevent further damage.All of the occupants walked away with just minor injuries from the accident. A nurse as well as another man sustained minor injuries.Meanwhile, the patient being transported managed to arrive safely at the Georgetown Public Hospital, but remains in the emergency section owing to the pre-existing condition.The ambulance was damaged on its side while the fender of the Ministry’s vehicle was detached. The parked vehicle suffered the majority of the damage, being struck at the back and side.This accident comes just one day after another ambulance was involved in a similar accident at the University of Guyana, Turkeyen junction. However, this collision was not as severe, with only minor damage being done to the car struck.last_img read more