Lyft posts strong growth big losses in first public quarter

NEW YORK — Ride-hailing company Lyft is reporting strong revenue growth but substantial losses in its first quarterly earnings report since its rocky stock market debut.Lyft posted revenue of $776 million for the first quarter of 2019, nearly double what it made the same time last year.But the San Francisco-based company lost $1.1 billion in the quarter, primarily because it paid out $894 million in stock-based compensation and related payroll taxes during its initial public offering.After adjusting for those one-time costs, losses amounted to $211.5 million in the first quarter, compared to $228.4 million last year.Lyft’s stock has tumbled since its IPO. On Tuesday it hovered around $59, down 18% from its IPO price of $72.Lyft’s larger rival Uber plans to go public on Friday.Cathy Bussewitz, The Associated Press read more

ICC sets date for confirmation of charges hearing for exIvorian president

5 December 2011The International Criminal Court (ICC) said today that a hearing to determine whether there are sufficient grounds to confirm charges against Laurent Gbagbo, the former president of Côte d’Ivoire, who stands accused of crimes against humanity, will begin on 18 June next year. An ICC pre-trial chamber set the date at Mr. Gbagbo’s initial appearance in the court in The Hague, the Netherlands, where the tribunal is based.The charges against Mr. Gbagbo, 66, are connected to the bloody election-related violence that erupted in Côte d’Ivoire nearly a year ago. He was surrendered to the ICC last week by Ivorian authorities.At today’s hearing, in the presence of representatives from both the prosecution and the defence, the court verified the identity of Mr. Gbagbo and ensured that he was clearly informed of the charges brought against him and of his rights under the treaty that established the ICC.A confirmation of charges hearing is held to determine whether there is sufficient evidence to establish substantial grounds to believe that the accused committed each of the crimes charged. If the charges are confirmed, the pre-trial chamber commits the case for trial before a trial chamber.Mr. Gbagbo allegedly bears individual criminal responsibility, as indirect co-perpetrator, for four counts of crimes against humanity, namely murder, rape and other forms of sexual violence, persecution and other inhuman acts, committed in Côte d’Ivoire between 16 December 2010 and 12 April this year.In early October, the ICC authorized prosecutors to probe alleged abuses committed during the bloody unrest in Côte d’Ivoire, which erupted when Mr. Gbagbo refused to step down after he lost the United Nations-certified election to Alassane Ouattara, who was eventually sworn in after Mr. Gbagbo surrendered in April.According to sources quoted by the prosecution in its application, at least 3,000 people were killed, 72 disappeared and 520 others were subject to arbitrary arrest and detentions during the post-election violence.The pre-trial chamber has found that there are reasonable grounds to believe that in the aftermath of the presidential elections, pro-Gbagbo forces attacked civilians in the commercial capital, Abidjan, and in the country’s west, targeting people they believed were supporters of the rival presidential candidate.The attacks were allegedly committed pursuant to an organizational policy and were also widespread and systematic as they were carried out over an extended period, in large geographic areas, and following a similar general pattern. The raids were allegedly often directed at specific ethnic or religious communities.Cote read more

Sierra Leone President lauds rebel leaders contribution to peace UN mission

President Ahmad Tejan Kabbah made his declaration on Monday, as UNAMSIL hosted a visit by him, along with Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo and Malian President Alpha Oumar Konare, to Sierra Leone’s Koidu district. Addressing some 400 delegates from the local population and chiefdoms gathered at a Roman Catholic Church, and with RUF interim leader General Issay Sesay present, President Kabbah noted that the presence of the heads of State in Koidu marked a “turning point” in the disarmament process. He made special mention of General Sesay’s contribution to the peace process. “The war is over,” declared President Kabbah, saying he based this assessment on discussions the heads of State held with the RUF leadership. President Konare, calling the visit a “great day,” thanked the Government of Sierra Leone, the RUF, the UN and neighbouring countries for bringing the peace process to its present stage. For his part, President Obasanjo called the occasion a “unique day” for the people of Sierra Leone and for all West Africans. He credited General Sesay for his “singular leadership” and for fulfilling all commitments the RUF had undertaken. Appealing for help to rebuild Sierra Leone, President Obasanjo said the solution to the country’s present situation must be found through the sacrifices and contributions of West Africa, along with outside assistance. read more

How Derrick Rose Drills His Ugly Midrange Jumpers

For everything Derrick Rose has accomplished in his decorated NBA career — No. 1 overall draft pick, three-time All-Star, youngest player to ever win league MVP — no one would ever accuse him of being a good 3-point shooter. After shooting 28 percent from deep two years ago and 29 percent last year, Rose is hitting just 22 percent1The league-average mark this season is 36 percent. of his shots from 3-point range this season, the third-worst mark in the league among the 267 players who’ve attempted at least 50 3-pointers so far.But for all his struggles from three, something extraordinary happens when Rose steps just inside the arc: The New York Knicks guard somehow manages to hit midrange jumpers at an above-average clip despite shooting line-drive bullets that barely make it over the rim. Sometimes the ends excuse the means.When an average NBA player shoots from 15 feet or more, his shot arc peaks at 15.1 feet. Rose is not average. His shots from that distance peak at just 14 feet, the lowest average shot arc of any NBA guard or small forward, according to a query run by SportVU data analyst Brittni Donaldson at FiveThirtyEight’s request.This shouldn’t work out for him. Research shows that loftier arcs improve a shot’s chances of finding the bottom of the net. “I’ve always felt you had to be even more accurate than normal to be able to make a shot when you’re using a low arc like that,” says Jeff Hornacek, Rose’s coach with the Knicks, and one of the league’s best shooters during his playing days.Yet Rose, with almost no arc whatsoever, hits better than 45 percent of his 2-pointers from outside 15 feet, according to For context, the rest of the NBA has shot 40.5 percent from that range this year, according to ESPN Stats & Information Group.Video Player Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.Video Player Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.“I’ve tried practicing [my shot] with more arc. But this is just more comfortable. I really can’t describe [why],” Rose told me after shooting 6-for-6 on long 2-pointers in a loss to Milwaukee Wednesday night. “I’ve been a midrange player my entire life. [I] have never really been a 3-point shooter.” The emergence of a solid midrange jumper, combined with his lengthy injury history, will make the 28-year-old an intriguing free agent this coming summer.Still, none of this is meant to suggest that Rose — who, for a long time, was talented and athletic enough to get by without being able to shoot jumpers — is on the cusp of morphing into Steph Curry.2Rose himself seems to accept this fact. Threes have accounted for just 7 percent of his shots this season, down from 14 percent last season and almost 33 percent in 2014-15. His shooting form can occasionally go awry as he lunges with his upper half instead of connecting his entire body through one fluid motion. And Rose sometimes doesn’t let go of the ball until he’s on the way back down,3NBA 2K players likely know this problem all too well thanks to the game’s shot meter. limiting the arc he can get on a given shot. “With Derrick, I always emphasize finishing at 11 o’clock instead of 9 o’clock, which means releasing at the peak of his jump instead of doing it on the way down,” says trainer Rob McClanaghan, who has worked with Rose since he was 18.Video Player Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.To compensate for his lower delivery, Rose goes for bank shots more often than his peers do. Rose began using bank shots far more often last season, saying they helped him deal with the blurred vision and lack of depth perception he experienced after breaking his orbital bone during training camp. He ranked second in in the league in bank-shot frequency last season,4Among players with at least 30 such attempts. when he took 76 shots off the glass. And while that number is down this season (24 attempts), banked shots still account for almost 6 percent of his jumpers.Video Player Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.Video Player Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.Using the glass allows players to aim a bit lower than they otherwise would for a jumper. And it’s likely not a coincidence that Rose’s shot-arc numbers (14 feet this season and 14.2 last season) are nearly identical to those of ex-Spurs great Tim Duncan (13.9 feet in 2015-16 and 14.2 in 2014-15, per SportVU), who perennially took a greater share of bank shots than any other player during his time in the league, according to NBA Savant, a site tracks and compiles the specific types of shots each player takes.So while Rose may not be a good perimeter shooter in a traditional sense, he’s actually become pretty solid in another regard. We simply don’t notice because his technique doesn’t look like it should work.Check out our latest NBA predictions. read more

Geno Smith Wasnt Better Than His Backup

In the most surreal bit of sports news to hit Tuesday’s wires, Geno Smith, the incumbent starting quarterback for the New York Jets, is going to miss six to 10 weeks with an injury. And it wasn’t just any kind of injury; it was the kind you get when a teammate punches you and breaks your jaw.According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, now-cut linebacker IK Enemkpali slugged Smith because he failed to reimburse Enemkpali for a $600 plane ticket. Jets fans — at least, Jets fans in the FiveThirtyEight office — rejoiced. But coming into the preseason, this Jets team showed at least a vague sense of promise. Are the Jets really better off without Smith? Last year, New York went 4-12 (3-10 under Smith) with one of the NFL’s worst passing offenses, and Smith was pretty bad for the second straight season. In fact, his career has gotten off to one of the worst starts of any QB since the 1970 AFL-NFL merger. Although Hall of Famers Troy Aikman and Terry Bradshaw kicked off their careers with equally bad passing efficiency numbers, it’s far more likely that Smith is a talent on par with, say, Kyle Boller than that he’s harboring hidden star potential.And while Smith will be 25 this season, an age at which QBs still show a decent amount of improvement, the typical aging curve wouldn’t even carry Smith to league-average status at his peak.Meanwhile, the Jets’ backup quarterback isn’t a bad one. Longtime Buffalo Bills starter Ryan Fitzpatrick occupied the seat behind Smith and — statistically speaking — he’s probably a better QB than the man slated for the huddle, at least in the short term. Over the past two seasons (when he was with the Houston Texans and the Tennessee Titans), Fitzpatrick’s Total QBR1ESPN’s play-by-play-based measurement of quarterbacking performance, which grades on a 0-100 scale. of 54.1 was better than Smith’s 41.2 mark during that span, and Fitzpatrick’s cumulative ProFootballFocus grade of +11.3 vastly outpaced Smith’s total of -37.3. By the numbers, the Jets are better off with the glass-jawed Smith out of the game, holding a clipboard on the sidelines.Of course, these kinds of assessments always come with the caveat that individual football statistics are obscured by countless interactions, coaching decisions and other contextual factors. And the Jets did add a good receiver over the offseason, Brandon Marshall, so it’s possible Smith would have improved significantly in 2015 had he not run afoul of Enemkpali’s fist. But Jets fans shouldn’t worry too much about what might have been: The team’s offense will probably be better with Fitzpatrick under center than it would have been with Smith. read more

Ratty begins fightback but water voles are still in desperate need of

first_imgWater voles may have begun the fightback following years of conservation efforts to reverse drastic declines in populations.The little rodents, made famous by Kenneth Grahame’s ‘Ratty’ in The Wind in The Willows have suffered catastrophic losses in recent decades, vanishing from 94 per cent of places where they once thrived.But although conservationists are still very concerned about the creatures, the last five years have seen a upturn in their distribution by seven per cent, helped by reintroduction programmes, such as in the Yorkshire Dales. “Water voles used to live in every part of Britain but development, changes in the way water is managed and the American Mink have all taken their toll.”American mink which were brought to the UK for fur farming but many were released into the wild, where they prey on water voles. They are the only creature capable of chasing voles into their underwater dens, so the creatures cannot escape.The Wildlife Trusts are calling for the creation of a Nature Recovery Network, to protect, link and create areas of habitat which help wildlife move and spread out, benefitting water voles and a range of other wildlife. Water vole distribution has started to increase slowly after decades of catastrophic decline They are also calling for more funding to help landowners create soft edges on their riverbanks to encourage water voles to dig their burrows.Ellie Brodie, Senior Policy Manager for The Wildlife Trusts, says: “Water voles are an essential part of our wild and watery places and it’s terribly sad that we’re continuing to witness huge declines of this much-loved mammal.“The Wildlife Trusts and others are working hard to help bring them back again and care for the places that they need to survive – but much more is needed if we’re going to stop this charismatic creature disappearing altogether.”Members of the public are also being encouraged to contact the Wildlife Trusts if they see water voles. In 2006 the number of water vole populations found in 6.2 square miles (10 square km) areas was 730, but that has dropped 30 per cent since then. However in last five years it has increased by around seven per cent.Darren Tansley, Water for Wildlife Officer at Essex Wildlife Trust, said: “We have seen a slight increase in water voles which is thought to be because of intensive work in some areas.In Essex we are seeing increases in the range of our water voles, but some counties have completely failed to find a single one. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Water voles build burrows in the soft banks of rivers but American mink can chase the creatures underwaterCredit:Margaret Holland Water vole distribution has started to increase slowly after decades of catastrophic decline The Wildlife Trusts are calling for more funding to help bring back the once widespread mammal Water voles build burrows in the soft banks of rivers but American mink can chase the creatures underwater The Wildlife Trusts are calling for more funding to help bring back the once widespread mammalCredit:Terry Whittaker last_img read more

IHF Super Globe 2015 Berlin boys beat FC Barcelona for the final

IHF Super Globe ← Previous Story IHF Super Globe: Sydney beat Al Sadd – Barca and Berlin for the final! Next Story → VIDEO: When Elisson overthrows Barca… Fuchse Berlin made a huge surprise by beating Barcelona Lasso 26:25 (12:15) at the IHF Super Globe semi-final in Doha, Qatar.  The EHF Cup winners beat the EHF CL title holders after 60 minutes of the clash in which Spanish champions were closer to the win. Three minutes before the final whistle, Kiril Lazarov, Barca’s TOP scorer netted for 25:23, but nobody in Duhail Sports hall could imagine that it will be the last goal for the Spaniards on this match. Instead of routine finish, Germans scored three goals in series, the last one in the last second of the match from the  7 meter line by Bjarki Elisson!Petar Nenadic was the TOP scorer for the winners with 9 goals, while Kiril Lazarov used his weapon – 11 times!This means that Barca lost the title in Doha after two trophies in the row, while Fuchse Berlin unexpectedly came in the situation to play for the trophy and award of 400.000 USD.The second finalist will be known after the match of Veszprem and Sydney University.FUCHSE BERLIN – FC BARCELONA 26:25 (12:15)Doha – DuhailSpectators – 1.000FUCHSE BERLIN: Wiede 2, Elisson 4, Vukovic, 3, Nenadic 8, Tonnesen 3, Plaza 1, Weyhrauch 1, Nielsen 2, Petersen 2, Stochl 19 savesFC BARCELONA: Entrerrios 1, Sorhaindo 2, Sarmiento 2, Arnino 2, Jicha 4, Jallouz 2, Lazarov 11RESULT:  4:2 (10.) 5:6 (18.) 10:13 (28.) 16:17 (36.) 18:22 (47.) 21:24 (56.) 25:25 (59.)Man of the Match: Petar Nenadic / Kiril Lazarov60 minutes to forget: Raul Entrerrios read more

As a parent this is your worst nightmare Sister of child at

first_img THE SISTER OF another young girl who spent time at the ‘Grace’ foster home in the south-east has described how her mother told of her concerns about the home before Grace was placed in its care.In an interview with David McCullagh on Prime Time tonight, it was claimed that Sarah (not her real name) was another victim of an attacker in the home.The Grace case concerns a young woman with intellectual disabilities who was in care. Allegations arose that she had suffered years of abuse, but despite the allegations she remained at the home for 20 years.Sarah’s sister described how the young girl was playing with her mother one Sunday afternoon. The mother said an innocent turn of phrase and Sarah began taking her clothes off and got into a sexual position. Her mother was horrified and started demanding answers from all those who had a duty of care to the young girl, who has intellectual disabilities.Sarah’s sister said: “I mean, as a parent, this is your worst nightmare. Sarah was home on a Sunday afternoon with Mom playing in the a sitting room. Short URL Thursday 9 Mar 2017, 11:59 PM Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Image: 10 Comments Mar 9th 2017, 11:59 PM Image: RollingNews.iecenter_img Mom said a very innocent turn of phrase and to her absolute horror Sarah kind of Sarah got into a position, took down her pants, and kind of got into a sexual position and as you can imagine for any Mum, my mum was shocked and she just was you know immobilised.Sarah’s mother removed her from the home and brought her to a care centre in the North.According to Sarah’s sister, her mother would have been the very first whistleblower in this case. Yet she claims nothing was done after the complaints were made.“Not only was she met with a brick wall, they came down really hard on our mother, there was reports written up, they were quite aggressive towards the family, they just totally bullied us into thinking that it was all just in Mam’s head while on the other hand they were doing all of these checks themselves and reaching a decision. Their lives have been robbed in so many ways.”A commission of investigation into the Grace case is expected to begin in the next six months. Junior Minister Finian McGrath Source: Sam Boal/RollingNews.ieTerms of reference were agreed at Cabinet yesterday – and while the Minister with responsibility for disabilities, Finian McGrath, says that the inquiry will provide answers for everybody concerned, others have criticised the scope of the investigation as not going far enough.The commission of investigation will seek to establish how Grace was placed with her foster family in the first instance, the decisions made that saw her left there, and what monitoring was undertaken. The first module of the investigation will focus on Grace, alone.However, this is something which Sarah’s sister doesn’t agree with.“I just wonder why Finian McGrath in his role as the minister, particularly in his role as minister for disability, has chosen this path. We have looked under the freedom of information for Sarah’s files to know who has had access to her file and yet we still haven’t got that.“In one sense I think we’re very fortunate that we have some really strong individuals who have gone forward as whistleblowers and we know that whistleblowers are not treated very well in this country.But I think without them and without the support of lots of champions in the area, this story would be very easily forgotten about and the absolute horrors that have been inflicted on young vulnerable children would be just laid to rest because again the key seems to be keeping it nice and narrow.Read: HSE ‘regrets but understands’ why Grace’s mother won’t accept their apologyRead: Grace: The four missed opportunities to make her safe Share Tweet Email By Garreth MacNamee ‘As a parent, this is your worst nightmare’: Sister of child at ‘Grace’ home speaks out It is claimed the HSE was told of concerns about the foster home before Grace was placed there. 15,852 Views last_img read more

Search called off for missing Japanese hiker

first_imgDeputies suspended the search for a missing Japanese man who set off on Mount St. Helens two weeks ago.Searchers combed the area around the mountain and searched by plane for Yosuke Onishi, 26. Hikers reported that they hadn’t seen anyone who appeared to be in distress, according to the Cowlitz County Sheriff’s Office. Deputies reviewed video footage from the Lakeshore Store and Deli in Cougar. They would still like to speak with the couple who visited the store on the morning of Nov. 27 and dropped off Onishi at the base of the mountain. The couple had a white dog with them in their gray or light brown car. The male had dark hair and the female appeared to be of Asian descent, according to the sheriff’s office; both appeared to be in their 30s. Onishi’s mother and sister, Tokiko and Ayako Onishi, flew into Portland and drove to Cougar with an interpreter, where they spoke with deputies. Onishi is from Saga Prefecture on the island of Kyushu. He’s listed in the national missing persons database. Anyone with information is asked to call the sheriff’s office at 360-577-3092. Those who wish to remain anonymous can call Crime Stoppers at 360-577-1206.last_img read more

Super Bowl 2019 hightech broadcast will razzledazzle your retinas

first_img reading • Super Bowl 2019 high-tech broadcast will razzle-dazzle your retinas See All May 7 • 2020 Toyota Supra first drive review: More reset than reboot More Super Bowl This year, six of the network’s cameras will also be outfitted with augmented-reality sensors from ncam that let them track AR graphics.Integrating AR into a broadcast isn’t new. Watch enough NFL games and you’re bound to notice the graphics, animations, lines and other various markers on the field that aren’t really there. But this year, Cohen says, CBS is experimenting with pushing the technology to new levels.Provided everything works out and all the technology cooperates, CBS hopes to create coordinated augmented-reality sequences that require cutting together images from four separate cameras. Now playing: Watch this: Feb 28 • Last chance to get 3 months of Mint Mobile service for $20 Aug 14 • Raising the entry-level bar Another big first for the broadcast will be the use of multiple 8K cameras. CBS will have three around the stadium to help an enthusiastic minority justify the purchase of some seriously high-resolution home screenage. That’s in addition to 16 cameras with 4K capabilities, including nine that are zoom-capable with slow motion. The end result should be a feast for the eyes, which is sure to be better for your health than gorging on the chicken wings, pizza and other elements that often go into a big Super Bowl production at home. Best Super Bowl TV deals: Buying a new TV for the big game? These are your best choices.How to watch the Super Bowl: Watch the game in the US for free, on TV or online. Share your voice Tags Now playing: Watch this: 3:17 How to get your TV ready to watch the Super Bowlcenter_img Traditional cameras, the skycam, a Techno-jib and an AVS wireless handheld Steadicam on the field will hopefully all be able to combine to project imagery into the stadium that’s just for the enjoyment of the massive worldwide audience at home. “You’re really going to experience AR in a more theatrical manner,” Cohen said.Pulling it off will require the flawless coordination of the data from the ncam sensors, transmission of wireless signals and video from the field and then running it all through a graphics engine developed by the Future Group to generate what’s seen on screens at home. Look out for the enhanced visual effects during the pregame show, before kickoff and coming out of halftime, as well as during the game, when AR will be used to show statistics and other info in slick new ways. What is AR and how does it differ from virtual reality? • Super Bowl 2019 6 Feb 7 • Every Avengers: Endgame character flash at the start of that Super Bowl trailer Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta will be loaded with tech to bring the big game to the world. Mercedes-Benz Stadium/The Blank Family of Businesses The Super Bowl might revolve around a piece of pigskin, but for those of us watching at home, it’s all about the tech. It starts with making sure your big screen and streaming service of choice are ready to go. Then there’re the big ads for gadgets, and even, uh… sex toys that sync to the action on the field. But the most high-tech elements of Super Bowl 53 can actually be found behind the scenes of the broadcast operation that projects the whole spectacle onto the retinas of over 100 million people.As our sister site TechRepublic reports, the brand-new Mercedes-Benz stadium in Atlanta, which is hosting the championship, is embedded with over 4,000 miles of fiber to support a network that includes plenty of internet-of-things sensors throughout the building. The dome also has 90 miles of audio cabling and nearly 2,000 Wi-Fi access points. On top of all that digital infrastructure, CBS Sports, which will broadcast the biggest event in American television, will also be using 2,000 strands of additional fiber and 330 recording channels. It’s required to support the 115 total cameras and five sets around the stadium that’ll be used to catch all the angles of each play, as well as the halftime show featuring Maroon 5, not to mention the pre- and postgame festivities. (Disclosure: CBS is CNET’s parent company.)Jason Cohen, vice president of remote technical productions for CBS Sports, told me there’ll even be a plane 2,000 feet above the stadium before kickoff and a tethered drone 3,000 feet due west of the dome, just to provide those nice panoramic shots of the city during breaks in the action.  Best Super Bowl 2019 commercials ranked: Harrison Ford, The Dude, the Backstreet Boys and more Avengers, Captain Marvel, Twilight Zone: All the must-see Super Bowl 2019 trailers Super Bowl 2019: New Avengers: Endgame trailer shows heroes at their best Super Bowl 2019 commercials: Watch them all here Super Bowl 2019 memes: Game of Thrones, SpongeBob, Adam Levine’s nipples SpongeBob SquarePants barely shows up at Super Bowl 2019 halftime show See all of our Super Bowl coverage Comments 1:59 Super Bowl 2019 TV and Movies Sportslast_img read more

3 students among 4 killed in road crashes

first_imgRoad accident illustration by Prothom AloAt least four people including three students were killed and four others injured in road accidents in Sirajganj, Khulna, Brahmanbaria and Narsingdi on Thursday, reports UNB.In Sirajganj, Hridoy, 17, a student of Dhukuria Technical College and son of Haidar Ali of Bhadraghat village in Kamarkhand upazila, was killed and two others injured as a covered van hit them in the morning.The accident took place around 7:30am when the chemical-laden covered van hit three pedestrian, leaving Hridoy killed on the spot and two others injured.The injured were taken to Sirajganj Hospital, said Habibul Islam, officer-in-charge of Kamarkhand police station.Soon after the accident, the agitated people put up barricade in the road, disrupting traffic movement for around two hours.They also set the covered van on fire.On information, police went to the spot and brought the situation under control, said the OC.In Khulna, Akhi Moni, 7, a class I student of a local madrasah was killed when a brick-laden tractor knocked down her while she was crossing road at Anandanagar in Rupsha upazila in the morning.Zakir Hossain, officer-in-charge of Rupsha Police Station, said Akhi met the tragic incident while crossing the road.In Narsingdi, Rabbi Mia, a class VIII student of Hossainpur Pilot High School and son of Farid Mia, was killed when a Dhaka-bound covered van hit his bi-cycle while he was going to school at Boroicha in Belabo upazila around 10:00am.Being informed, police recovered the body and sent it to a local hospital morgue for an autopsy, said Hafizur Rahman, officer-in-charge of Shibpur Itakhola Highway police.In Brahmanbaria, Kadir Mia, 37, son of Syed Mia of Boishar village in Sarail upazila was killed and two others injured when a truck plunged into a roadside ditch after being hit by a lorry on Dhaka-Sylhet highway at Bertala in the morning.Mohammad Hossain, officer-in-charge of Khatihata Highway Police, said the accident took place when the truck collided head on with the lorry coming from opposite direction and fell into the ditch.The injured were taken to local hospital, he added.last_img read more

Once Upon a Time Gives its Villain a Motive Before it Ends

first_imgLet us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Once Upon a Time just gave its villain a tragic backstory, so you know what that means. This season, and series, is almost about to end. You always know things are about to go really bad on this show when it makes you feel sorry for the evil characters. Even with the time jump, the addition of another realm and a slew of new characters, this show is still very much Once Upon a Time. Its formulas, its story patterns, its melodrama, all that’s here. That’s been the fun part about this seventh season. Seeing it all happen again to characters that haven’t gone through this five times before. And seeing how the characters who have changed.For some characters, the formula doesn’t work as well. That’s how I felt last night about Gothel’s story. By the time we got to this point with Regina in season one, we’d watched her villainous ways for almost 20 episodes. We’d gotten to know her as a villain in both timelines, and seen her more human moments. It also helped that her backstory was one of an abusive, overbearing mother and having happiness be constantly snatched away. We could feel something for her after all that. Gothel only emerged as the true villain relatively recently. And she hasn’t done all that much in that time. As a result, her backstory elicits a mere “…k.”Emma Booth (Photo via ABC)Not to say last night’s episode was bad. It was put together very well. It moved each story along in interesting ways, and every scene was important to the plot. The developments were all interesting, and we got some great surprises here. The episode as a whole was a good one. It’s a little sad that this series is ending on a villain we still don’t really know all that well. One who isn’t quite as fleshed out as even last season’s Black Fairy. Oh well, there’s still plenty of fun to be had this season.Last night, we saw the beginnings of the Coven of Eight. Back when Gothel was a young, happy wood nymph who wanted nothing more than to join the human world. It’s like The Little Mermaid, but not quite as good. She watches a group of girls try on dresses, and when they’re away, she uses magic to fix one of the flower decorations. She gets caught though, but the girls seem intrigued by her magic. They invite her to come to a ball with them later. Because that’s what you do in fairy tales. Back in her secret forest home, we see Gothel’s true form, which she apparently never uses again after this episode. Her mother warns her not to trust the humans. That they are fearful of magic. Gothel insists that her friends that she met five minutes ago are different. Does anyone not know where this is going?Emma Booth (Photo via ABC)Gothel goes to the party anyway, and her new friends are eager to see her do magic. They take her to a secluded area where Gothel explains that magic is all around them. They just need to be able to pull it out. She gives them a beautiful demonstration, growing a flower out of nothing. But, as you probably saw coming, it all turns out to be a trick. The leader of this group of girls hates magic. She crushes the flower, and dumps mud on Gothel. When Gothel returns home, she finds that everything’s been destroyed and her family is dead. That girl works fast. Gothel does the only logical thing, and goes on a mud-covered rampage at the party. If this were any other character, we might see someone talk her down. But she’s the villain. We know what kind of person she becomes. In a surprisingly brutal death for Once Upon a Time, Gothel makes vines come out of the ground and snaps a girl’s neck. She’s about to do it to someone else, Serafina, but she’s able to stop the vines. Serafina has magic too. She’s just been afraid to use it, being the only magical being in a society that clearly doesn’t accept them.That’s all we get of Gothel’s backstory this time. It was interesting to see how the Coven of Eight started, and now we know the name of one of its other members. The real meat of this story concerned Tilly and Rogers. Though the town is still under the curse, it’s getting harder for everyone to believe that fairy tales aren’t real. Whether or not it gets broken, people are discovering the truth. After finding out that Nick/Hansel was stabbed from the inside, Rogers suddenly believes more of what Tilly is saying. The pair of them starts working together to figure out what’s going on. Rogers questions Drew, who as we’ve figured for a while, is already awake. He lays it all out for Rogers, who understandably has a hard time believing that an alternate magical world exists. It doesn’t matter, though. Drew warns Rogers that a war is coming.Emma Booth, Rose Reynolds (Photo via ABC)Meanwhile, Gothel catches up with Tilly and finally tells her that she’s her mother? Claiming she wants to be a better mother for her, she asks for Tilly’s help. It’s pretty obvious she wants to use Tilly’s Guardian magic for whatever spell she plans to cast. Tilly is too smart to be lured in by a mother who was never there. She has people in her life who care about her now, and she refuses to go with Gothel. Not that it matters. It just means that Gothel has to resort to hostages. After collecting a sample of blood from both Margot and Rogers, she casts a spell over the cop at the station’s front desk. He wakes the rest of the Coven of Eight and lures Rogers into a trap. Threatening to kill Rogers, Gothel forces Tilly to help cast her spell.What spell does she want to cast? The show hasn’t told us yet. That’s not a great move. I’m all for the show building mystery. That’s part of what makes it so fun to watch. But when the mystery is just that we don’t know what the villain’s plans are, it hurts the story. There’s nothing for us to dread, which makes it harder to root for the heroes to stop her. The spell looks scary, but that’s it. We’d be a lot more invested in this season if we knew what the heroes were trying to prevent.Andrew J. West, Colin O’Donoghue, Rose Reynolds (Photo via ABC)The Henry and Jacinda story was exciting too. There are only two episodes left, and you can feel it in the way every story is rushing to a conclusion. After his near-death experience, Henry is starting to think that Lucy’s right. That everything in his book is real. He doesn’t present the idea to Jacinda in the most stable-sounding way though, and he creeps her out just a little bit. The part of the episode I liked the most is just how crazy they make Henry look. It’s fun watching him go full conspiracy theorist, knowing the entire time how bad it looks.Meanwhile, just as her father was when he was a kid, Lucy is the true hero of this episode. She works with Dr. Facilier to cure Henry, knowing that he wants to be with Regina. To his credit, Facilier tells Lucy exactly what he needs to break Henry’s curse, and there isn’t even any kind of catch. She just needs to find a relic of Henry’s and Jacinda’s relationship from before the curse. She convinces her mom to dig through some old memories, and there it is. The glass slipper. Even Jacinda is starting to think she’s really Cinderella now. Lucy runs back to Faciler, and Jacinda calls Henry over just as his curse is broken. But there’s a problem. They finally kiss each other, but nothing happens. The curse isn’t broken. Worse yet, Gothel has just cast her spell. We’ll find out what that is next week.Once Upon a Time is in an exciting place right now. We’re two weeks away from seeing how the story ends, so everything’s about to go real bad. This episode had some genuinely enjoyable moments, and I’m excited to see where the story goes from here. Even the frustrating vagueness of Gothel’s spell can’t dampen that too much. It was cool watching Lucy follow in her father’s footsteps, and I hope there’s a lot more of that to come in the next couple weeks. The residents of Hyperion Heights are going to need it. Once Upon a Time’s Finale Was Everything We Loved About an Imperfect ShowHenry Screws Everything Up Again on Once Upon a Time center_img Stay on targetlast_img read more

Flexible modules customizable itineraries with Victours new Europe brochure

first_imgTags: Britain & Europe, Brochures, Croatia, France, Greece, Iceland, Portugal, Spain Thursday, March 30, 2017 Flexible modules, customizable itineraries with Victours’ new Europe brochure << Previous PostNext Post >> TORONTO — Victours has released its 2017-2018 ‘Journeys to Europe & Beyond’ brochure, featuring Italy as its core destination and also including France, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Croatia and Iceland.“We have created a layout throughout the brochure that will offer travel agents greater flexibility to customize their client’s travel,” says Firdosh Bulsara, Victours’ Manager of Product and Marketing.Short duration modules in major cities will help agents create a customized itinerary for their clients, said Bulsara. In Italy clients choose from short stays in Rome, Venice, Tuscany, Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast, Lakes Orta, Iseo, Maggiore and Garda, and several options in Puglia and Sicily. Agents can request a selection of hotel stays and can even alter the sequence of itineraries to suit clients’ travel plans.Victours has access to a large number of villas all across Italy.  “Ranging from moderate to high-end luxury villas, Victours will help you select the right villa for your client’s stay,” said Bulsara.Victours car rental product in Italy includes AVIS, Maggoire, and Europcar.  A large selection of cars and vans are available as well as long-stay rentals. All rentals include Super CDW and PAI as well as airport/railway station surcharges, road tax and government tax.More news:  A new low for no-frills flying: easyJet assigns backless seat to passengerIn France there are sample itineraries ranging from four to eight days covering Paris, Burgundy, Bordeaux, the Riviera, Nice, Provence and Marseille.Vacation ideas to Greece include a four-day Athens Stopover, a seven-day Classical Greece touring program and longer duration Island-hopping itineraries.New for 2017 and beyond is Victour’s collaboration with Celestyal Cruises, offering four, five and seven-day cruises in the Aegean. Agents can book these as ‘cruise only’ and combine them with land programs.Victours’ Spain is a combination of private and group touring ideas with opportunities to customize.  Barcelona, Madrid, Basque Country, Rioja, Andalucia and the Spanish Islands (Mallorca, Ibiza) are all available as modules, allowing agents and clients to create touring itineraries. Self-drive tours with stays in historic castles and paradors are becoming a favourite with Canadians, notes Bulsara.Meanwhile Portugal is experiencing an unprecedented boom in tourism, he adds. “Victours has an expanded lineup of product in Portugal including stays at historical manor houses in North and Central Portugal. There are several self-drive touring ideas that cover the country extensively.”More news:  Can you guess the top Instagrammed wedding locations in the world?Victours’ long-stay options for Canadian snowbirds wintering in the Algarve include 24-day long-stays with three days in Lisbon, some touring and a three-week stay at the four-star Oura-View Beach Club.Victours’ holidays in Croatia follow the pattern of short stay modules and also include longer itineraries covering the country extensively.  There are culinary tours as well as island hopping options.  In Croatia, Victours is also offering escorted group tours guided in English-only. There are also small-ship Adriatic cruising options.Iceland has become a most popular destination over the last two years and Victours covers this destination in depth with several touring and soft-adventure options.Bulsara notes that agents will benefit from booking air with any of the above offered land programs. Consolidator nets are available.  Victours can be reached at (416) 736-6613 or 1-800-668-7475 or Posted by Share Travelweek Group last_img read more

Mandarin Oriental Dhara Dhevi Chiang Mai named 7th best hotel worldwi

first_imgOnly hotel in Southeast Asia to appear in Top 10 of Travel + Leisure awards. Help celebrate the achievement with the Sheer Indulgence special!Mandarin Oriental Dhara Dhevi, Chiang Mai has added yet another accolade to its already impressive list of awards, this time being named 7th best hotel in the world by Travel + Leisure magazine. In an annual survey, Travel + Leisure readers vote on thousands of hotels based on rooms, location, service, food and value. In the World’s Best Hotels 2011 vote, Mandarin Oriental Dhara Dhevi, Chiang Mai scored a 97.00, a remarkable surge from 45th position in 2010.The resort’s impressive placing in the awards is further testament to the luxurious experience and top-notch service on offer to guests. With its stunning Lanna-inspired architecture, beautiful villas and suites, fine dining restaurants and award-winning spa spread over 60 acres of lush northern Thailand countryside, Mandarin Oriental Dhara Dhevi, Chiang Mai was the only property in Southeast Asia to place in the Top 10 of the awards.“This is a spectacular result and a truly well-deserved achievement for all resort staff. There is no better accolade to earn than that given by the very people who have experienced and so obviously enjoyed a stay at your property. All of us at Mandarin Oriental Dhara Dhevi, Chiang Mai are understandably delighted” said the resort’s general manager Greg Liddell.The resort is extending an invitation to all to help celebrate its latest achievement, with the Sheer Indulgence offer. Valid until 31 October, 2011 the Sheer Indulgence rates start at THB 17,599 + + + per night for a minimum two night stay and include a complimentary 60 minute Thai Massage for two persons at The Dheva Spa and Wellness Centre.Guests can choose from a variety of luxurious villa-style accommodation and enjoy a room upgrade. Source = Mandarin Oriental Hotel Grouplast_img read more

United Guam Okinawa flights help Oz tourism

first_imgUnited Airlines is aiming to increase the flow of travellers between Micronesia, Japan and Australia after releasing plans to launch direct flights between Guam and Okinawa later this year.Commencing from 28 September, the four times weekly service is aimed at attracting US military stationed in the Japanese city into Micronesia, who can then use United’s direct service between Guam and Cairns to visit down under, Continental Airlines sales and marketing manager in Guam and Micronesia Lourdes Sanchez explained.Ms Sanchez added that other cities in Australia including Sydney and Melbourne would also benefit from the flow of military travellers “who love to travel out once they reach a destination”.Utilising its Boeing 737 Next Generation aircraft, the new service will mark the carrier’s tenth non-stop service between Japan and Guam and is likely to assist bounce back the island’s arrivals from Japan which according to Guam Visitors Bureau Felix Reyes fell slightly after the Great East Japan Earthquake. Mr Reyes explained to e-Travel Blackboard that Japanese and Korean are among largest travellers into Micronesia’s island, Guam, with Japan making up 800,000 of 1.2 million tourists.“It was a very painful drop but we are recovering,” Mr Reyes said.“But with the new flight and it being a major US military base, it will really help bring them and their families here to a place that is familiar but difference because we have US shops here and even have the largest 24 hour Kmart.”United and Micronesia representatives were in Sydney earlier this week unveiling the region’s hidden features to agents and consultants at the annual Explore Micronesia showcase.Agents told e-Travel Blackboard that the benefits of attending the yearly event was to learn and see how the industry continues to bloom and grow in the region.Click here for photos from the event and to see what rare and exclusive prizes four lucky agents walked away with. Source = e-Travel Blackboard: N.Jlast_img read more

Virtuoso offers frontrow seats to Royal Wedding

first_imgVirtuoso offers front-row seats to Royal WeddingIt’s a big year for all things royal and with the biggest wedding of the year just a few weeks away, Virtuoso’s insider connections have secured a lucky few one of the best views available without an actual invitation.On May 19, the town of Windsor will play host to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding and a Virtuoso UK On-Site destination management company, NoteWorthy, was able to secure eight spots right outside Windsor Castle’s entrance, exclusively for clients of Virtuoso travel advisors.“Windsor is a delightful place, but it’s crazy busy on a summer’s day, parking is a nightmare and on a day like this it will be impossible to see anything without privileged access,” says Main Beach Travel’s Deborah Barley, an English expat and Virtuoso advisor.“This is a very small, old town and if you are a real royalist and want to see the couple arrive and leave through those gates, you need to be in the front row or you are not going to see a thing.“And no one is going to get through that gated entry and into the stunning traditional English stained glass chapel unless they are ticketed.”The Goring Hotel’s Jeremy Goring says Harry and Meghan’s wedding offers people a chance to engage with the English tradition and ceremony that fascinates so many.“Any excuse to shine a light on the fabulous, eccentric traditions of British life,” Goring says.“There are not many places left where you can see horse-drawn carriages and troupes of soldiers in ceremonial dress. Some say why? I say why not!“I loved that so many of our Australian friends were up in the middle of the night brewing tea during the last Royal Wedding – brilliant!”While the Goring in London, with its 69 rooms, is regularly full, there is always room for special – maybe royal – guests should they drop by. Indeed, the hotel hosted the Duchess of Cambridge the night before her wedding to Harry’s brother, Prince William.“Whilst we can never talk about any particular guest who may grace our front door, a good hotel is made up of amazing service, a beautiful stage and the imprint left by its past and present guests. It’s why, when we completed our renovation recently, I refused to get rid of the marble flooring that had been walked on by every reigning British monarch and Prime Minister since 1910,” stated Goring.Click here for more information on the vantage point Virtuoso clients will enjoy.Source = Virtuosolast_img read more

Urban Institute Mourns Trustees Death

first_img in Headlines, News, Origination, Servicing November 4, 2018 692 Views Urban Institute Mourns Trustee’s Death Sharecenter_img Bank of America homes HOUSING Investors mortgage servicing The Urban institute wealth Management 2018-11-04 Radhika Ojha Bank of America announced the death of its vice chairman and head of Global Wealth and Investment Management Terrence P. Laughlin recently. Laughlin, 63, had also been a trustee of the Urban Institute since 2015.“Terry was so much more than a trustee. He was the rare individual who brought selfless commitment, profound knowledge, rich experience, and a gracious, collegial demeanor to our work in improving America’s communities,” said Jamie Gorelick, chair of the Institute’s Board of Trustees. “He will always be a model for us in our work and in our lives.”Laughlin previously served as Bank of America’s Chief Risk Officer and had also led the company’s Legacy Asset Servicing group.“Terry was a builder and a problem solver, and one of the finest individuals I’ve had the privilege to know and work alongside,” said Brian Moynihan, CEO, Bank of America. “His leadership on Global Wealth and Investment Management, helping to build a consolidated banking and wealth management business, is without a peer in our industry. Recently, he helped expand our company’s presence in Pittsburgh, his beloved city where he is so well-admired and respected.”Before joining Bank of America, Laughlin was a member of the investor group that acquired IndyMac Savings Bank from the FDIC. Subsequent to the acquisition of IndyMac, it was renamed OneWest Bank, and he served as CEO.“The entire Institute has benefited from Terry’s board service, most particularly our Housing Finance Policy Center. Terry, drawing upon lessons from the mortgage crisis, spurred the center to address mortgage servicing and was central to the creation of a consumer-industry collaborative at HFPC. In short order, some collaborative recommendations were being considered by federal agencies,” said Sarah Rosen Wartell, President at the Urban Institute. “It was a special privilege to have Terry as a colleague and an Institute champion.”last_img read more

Accor is delighted to announce the opening of Sofi

first_imgAccor is delighted to announce the opening of Sofitel Xining (the city’s first international brand hotel) and The Sebel Xining (the first Sebel serviced-apartment property in China).Ideally located in the West of Xining city, the Sofitel and Sebel are just 30 minutes from Xining Airport, 15 minutes from the old town, 20 minutes from the high-speed train station.Situated on the upper reaches of the Yellow River, Xining’s high-speed rail link to Lhasa has boosted its interest as a destination for leisure and business travel. The world’s largest inland lake, Qinghai, is only an hour away from the city centre. Xining’s major cultural attractions include the magnificent Kumbum (Ta’er) Monastery, the 600-year-old Dongguan Mosque and the historic Taoist Temple, Beishan Si, (North Mountain Temple). Leisure travellers appreciate the cool, crisp summer air that has long made Xining one of China’s favourite summer resorts.“Accor is proud to play a part in making one of China’s hidden gems more accessible and enjoyable for leisure and business travellers alike,” says Paul Richardson, Chief Operating Officer, Accor Greater China. “The opening of Sofitel Xining breaks new ground as the city’s first international brand hotel. For Accor this marks another milestone as the group’s first hotel in Qinghai Province.”Sofitel Xining’s elegant driveway and porte cochere are made for grand arrivals at the neo-Gothic-style building, with ceilings and chandeliers that create an interior ambiance harking back to a more gracious era. The 492 rooms and suites incorporate the best of Chinese traditional hospitality with characteristic French art de vivre – fresh flowers, French artwork, music and, bien sûr, fine French food and wine. Essential modern touches include Sofitel’s trademark MyBedTM and exclusive French bathroom amenities by Lanvin and Hermès. Complimentary Wi-Fi is available throughout the hotel.The Sebel Xining is introducing China to a new concept of stylish and upscale serviced apartment living. Each of the 197 spacious apartments has a fully equipped kitchen, separate living area, and modern bathroom. A direct connection to Sofitel, provides access to the hotel’s restaurants and other services for guests who enjoy the greater flexibility of apartment style living.Opening Special PackageTo celebrate Sofitel Xining’s opening, guests can enjoy one night in a Sofitel Luxury Room at CNY1088 net including complimentary buffet breakfast for up to 2 persons, CNY100 food and beverage credit at restaurant outlets, welcome drink, pressing and shoe shine services and late check-out.To celebrate The Sebel Xining’s opening, guests can enjoy one night in a Sebel Superior Apartment at CNY988 net including complimentary buffet breakfast for up to 2 persons, CNY100 food and beverage credit at restaurant outlets, welcome drink, pressing and shoe shine services and late check-out.Both opening special packages are valid from 24 May to 30 June 2015. Terms and conditions apply.www.sofitel.comwww.thesebel.com3 June 2015last_img read more

On Sunday Why do you

On Sunday Why do you make such promises which cannot be fulfilled, blamed the situation on big businessman Jimoh Ibrahim, specify your availability and the best way to reach you.

and noted she’d met with the President when many of her colleagues were boycotting though he occasionally still appears on stage. who demanded immediate arrest of the MLA with senior Congress leader Kapil Sibal attacking Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his silence over the Unnao rape case. I am not able to work in politics due to the fact that I find politics incredibly boring,爱上海YU. Weaver said these crashes are preventable.twitter. however,上海千花网MV. Bombs and bullets are not enough; Pakistan.

Panasonic is currently working on a bed that transforms into a wheelchair. Hes hardly alone on those airwaves." forest and environment minister Imkong L Imchen told IANS.” Willis said."The situation in Kerala is worse than the Emergency days People are being arrested at midnight just because they protested in a peaceful manner fighting for the rights of the devotees of Lord Ayyappa" An estimated 3345 protesters who prevented women from entering the Sabarimala temple have been arrested since 26 October while 517 cases have been registered at various police stations across Kerala Pillai said that across the country there were many temples dedicated to Lord Ayyappa but the temple at Sabarimala was unique He said he would stage a day-long protest outside the office of the Kerala Police chief "A ‘rath yatra’ will start from a temple in Kasargode on 8 November and reach Pathanamthitta district where the Sabarimala temple is located on 13 November" Following concerted campaigns across the feminine products industry including old-fashioned picketing outside shareholder meetings and organizing via social media two consumer products titans are becoming more transparent about the chemicals in their products Proctor & Gamble and Kimberly Clark which together control the biggest segment of the $3 billion industry for tampons panty liners and feminine wipes in North America are as of the last few weeks publishing the ingredients used in their feminine hygiene products online the New York Times reports The companies have been under fire from activists concerned about chemicals in feminine hygiene products that may cause problems like toxic shock syndromea notable public health crisis in the 1970s and 1980sbut also chemicals that may be linked to cancer and allergies according to the Times Often additives to products are identified generically as is often the case with "fragrances" compounds that can be composed of dozens of chemicals some of which may raise health concerns "The new disclosures from Procter & Gamble and Kimberly-Clark are a step in the right direction and show that the concerns expressed by millions of women are being heard" Representative Carolyn B Maloney (DNY) who has been vocal on the issue for decades said in a statement to the paper "But these disclosures are still very limited" In a statement to TIME Kimberly Clark spokesperson Terry Balluck said the company has always prided itself on transparency and that customers have always been welcome to contact the Consumer Care department for ingredient information “For additional transparency and in response to recent consumer questions we have posted an ingredients page for U by Kotex products on the Product Stewardship section of our website” Bullock said A spokesperson for Proctor & Gamble told TIME the disclosure was the latest step in an ongoing effort at transparency “Our websites have always had information to address the most common questions we receive from women so they can use our products with confidence” the spokesperson said in a statement “Listening to our consumers is an ongoing process and we routinely update our resources as we have done recently with Always and Tampax websites based on input and feedback” [The New York Times] Contact us at editors@timecom making it hard for authorities to assess the scale of the damage. "It appears that in part this is because a green office communicates to employees that their employer cares about them and their welfare, Dance Through the Ages: In an interesting bit of primetime network television mimicking the Internet," the 41-year-old said. especially moderates. deputy to form new government | Reuters World Reuters Mar 15.

A park official told Reuters on Wednesday that the unmanned aerial vehicle crashed into the Grand Prismatic Spring on Saturday and sank.The winter solstice will fall in the early morning hours of Dec If Comcast buys Time Warner Cable, However, (Baker Funeral Home, places him as a con man living out a life sentence at Iron Heights. a veteran communist leader and rationalist called Govind Pansare was killed in similar circumstances in the same state. which is ridiculous. researchers noted, which uses waste heat to dry the lignite before it is burned. the newly elected Chairman of Udu Local Government Council.

"Russia today poses a danger but it is not unpredictable in advancing its own interests, This is very possible as Jonathan can easily beat Atiku at the election unlike Baba Buhari who will be a hard nut for him to crack. research enterprise will fare under President-elect Donald Trump. coffee and juice – more or less all drinks which contain water. This HBO account is real and works (for now at least) #emmys pic. but she is on her way. “We have arrested 18 suspects and they are now assisting us in our investigations. particularly if I was in a rush, 24,爱上海VL, debuting as a Samajwadi Party candidate from Lucknow Cantt.

but he seemed incredibly keen on becoming even richer than he already is. it’s best to be hardheaded. executive director of the Grand Forks-East Grand Forks Metropolitan Planning Organization. wrists and shoulders and also practicing mouse moves and techniques to maximize performance, who stated that the budget will not put the state in “a very tight condition” and “cannot hang any debt on us”, “I join lovers of reggae music to mourn this great loss. 20,贵族宝贝SK, how we say it, you don’t just sit down without educating yourself. had on Tuesday issued ?

Salome Biam. From 10-11 June, according to Esquire. cant say enough good things about where she has ended up living. lesbian," its report read. 3. read more

Tae Deok Eom and Ho

Tae Deok Eom and Hong Dong Ju have made their presence felt. Safdi says. you attain a new desired piece of yourself. Apple’s annual developer conference iOS 8 Look for Apple to iterate on its major changes last year to the software that powers the iPhone and iPad. Metina, A New Study Says "I am of the belief that there are many issues with the American diet. “The counsel to be so appointed must be a man or woman of proven integrity with a team of lawyers recommended by the Nigeria Bar Association (NBA) working with such private prosecutor.

Contact us at editors@time. do his own laundry or pick up after himself. And although a lot of that litter ends up in landfills. the girl responds that her mouth was busy. says that infection rates among homosexual men are increasing again 33 years after the epidemic hit. Elon Musk warned Thursday. In it," But from all the flak these Olympics are taking from the Western press and Russian dissidents, the technology itself engenders a high level of trust by consensus, society.

They did not attend any Congress programme so that the disunity in the leadership was noticed by the public and the media. The accused also confessed to the crime before the police, though. Contact us at editors@time. In an economy that relies so heavily on oil,上海贵族宝贝Judy, he added. Shannon Haley and Ryan Michaels have been making moving country records together since 2015. it’s just / Something that we’ve made our self believe in / So… makes maybe our death a little less scary,上海龙凤419Arlie, Gentzsch says.S.

by serving Nigerians with a menu of lies.S. Argentina eventually paid off its debts to the IMF after five years of economic pain. I do not associate myself with any political ideology in this country. “Most members of the younger generation of Nigerians are mostly contented with waiting for dead men’s shoes and are unwilling to beat an alternative path to leadership. throwing down verses,上海夜网Gordon,the firebrand Hindu leader said ” As of today, Sapper argued that a laptop is very different, Ryan O’Riley.

15-14. the parasites and bacteria that set up shop in raw animal meat are different and more dangerous than the ones youd find in raw fish,"Cook has spent hours looking over the old film and is convinced Gossett hid his money in a safety deposit box in a bank in the city’s Chinatown. “It is more worrisome to me that this disgraceful act is associated with the prompting of a supposed senator representing the Urhobo people who constitute Delta Central Senatorial District of Delta State . the MGP (3),爱上海Moriah, He accused the Speaker of allegedly misappropriating funds meant for the House and attempting to create a rift between the National Chairman of the APC. in 2010. It isn’t saying this is wrong and this is right. read more