Akon Wants To Light Africa

first_imgAkon, in partnership with Give1Project and ADS Global Corporation SA, has initiated the “Akon Lighting Africa Project” which aims to bring electricity to one million households in Africa by the end of 2014.The lack of electricity is currently a major problem in Africa. A significant number of households in rural areas and even urban cities do not have access to electricity. This is a real obstacle to Africa’s Sustainable Development.In that perspective and within the framework of a Public-Private partnership, an alliance was signed between the private entities: Akon Corp, SOLEKTRA International – BYD Solar, Azuri Technologies UK, NARI (Member of China Grid Group), CJI, the Non-Governmental Organization Give1Project and the governments of different African nations to support the initiative.The project will consist of the installation of solar equipment in households and promote their energy sufficiency that also will allow millions of children to have access to electricity and improve their education through extended study hours. In that regard, the American superstar is touring nine African countries (Senegal, Mali, Guinea Conakry, Gambia, Burkina Faso, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Congo and the Ivory Coast) in nine days to meet with leaders about the project.Find out more here.last_img read more

Drug overdoses continue to ravage Alberta First Nation

first_imgTamara PimentelAPTN NewsLori Eagle Plume visits the Blood Tribe Department of Health regularly for her suboxone treatment after kicking her addiction four years ago.Her motivation? The thought of losing her children to the foster care system.“Them almost getting taken away from me, it was hard knowing that – either you get help today or if you don’t, we’re going to go take your kids,” she said.“I thought about my kids and I was like, No. OK, I’m going to get help, I’ll do it for them.”Eagle Plume got help in time, but Dr. Esther Tailfeathers says parents losing their kids because of drug use is an all too common story in the community south of Calgary.“There’s not a huge safety net for them. We’re so busy concentrating on saving the lives of people who are addicted that we’re not watching the fallout around them and the youth are absorbing a lot of the grief,” Tailfeathers said.“We’re seeing more youth becoming addicted. We had a 13-year-old that overdosed in front of our tribal office a week ago.”In November, the Blood Tribe was hit with 57 overdoses and four deaths. The worst month this year.“It feels like we’re living in the city with the sirens,” said Eagle Plume.“We never used to be like that. When you hear the sirens, you just know what it is.”Tailfeathers says the community has taken major steps to save people from overdoses. Emergency Health Services has increased its number of ambulances and team members and added more offices to the Blood Tribe Police Service.But while some lives are being saved, Tailfeathers said families have lost their housing to addictions, children are becoming homeless, they’re hungry because they aren’t getting the nutrition they need and many are not attending school.And, Tailfeathers said, 39 per cent of babies from the Blood Tribe are born into neonatal abstinence.“Usually those babies are not released to the mother, they’re released to either to a family member who becomes a temporary guardian or they’re released into the foster care system. That’s one part of our populations that we haven’t been paying attention to and we really do need to be concerned,” she said.Overdoses have impacted the economy of the Blood Tribe, as well.“It would be so nice if we could be spending all that money that we’re spending on saving lives, if we could spend that on the other end and make this a really nice place to be and actually dealing with the trauma issues that we need to deal with, but we’re not getting there,” Tailfeathers said.As Eagle Plume makes another visit to the department of health, she encouraged others struggling with addictions to seek help.“Coming off drugs was one of the best things because I got my family back. I got my home. It was one of the best things I’ve ever done,” she said.tpimentel@aptnnews.ca@tamara_APTNlast_img read more

Environment Canada reinstates smoky skies bulletin in Northeast BC

first_imgFORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – A special air quality statement that was issued by Environment Canada because of a large amount of smoke in the air remains in effect for all of Northeast B.C. today.According to Environment Canada satellite photos, the smoke appears to be coming from wildfires burning in the Central Interior and the Stikine Region, and does not appear to be coming from local wildfires.People with pre-existing health conditions, the elderly, infants, children and sensitive individuals are more likely to experience health effects. Individuals may experience symptoms such as increased coughing, throat irritation, headaches or shortness of breath. Children, seniors, and those with cardiovascular or lung disease, such as asthma, are especially at risk.Stay inside if you have breathing difficulties. Find an indoor place that’s cool and ventilated. Using an air conditioner that cools and filters air may help. If you open the windows you may let in more polluted air. If your home isn’t air-conditioned, consider going to a public place (library, shopping mall, recreation centre) that is air-conditioned.last_img read more

Security Council holds another meeting on crisis in Georgia

The meeting took place after Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon issued a statement last night calling for an immediate end to the violence, voicing fears that the conflict was spreading beyond the South Ossetia region and the humanitarian toll was rising and urging all sides to seek a peaceful resolution.B. Lynn Pascoe, the Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs, briefed Council members on the latest developments inside South Ossetia, where the fighting first erupted on Thursday night, and in other parts of Georgia.Assistant Secretary-General for Peacekeeping Operations Edmond Mulet then briefed the 15-member panel on the situation inside Abkhazia, a region in the northwest where the UN Observer Mission in Georgia (UNOMIG) monitors a separate 1994 ceasefire accord.Mr. Pascoe noted that the UN had no first-hand information from South Ossetia and relied largely on media reports, mainly Russian, as most Georgian news websites appeared to be blocked.He said there were conflicting media reports about whether Georgian forces were regrouping or withdrawing from South Ossetia, as well as reports that Russian forces were moving towards the city of Gori.Quoting figures from the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), Mr. Pascoe said that at least 2,000 ethnic Georgians have fled South Ossetia and arrived in collective centres near the national capital, Tbilisi, and Gori, while others are staying with relatives.The number of internally displaced persons (IDPs) is expected to rise to as many as 20,000, according to UNHCR, while about 5,000 South Ossetians have already fled to the neighbouring North Ossetia-Alania region of Russia.Mr. Pascoe said UNOMIG also confirmed that Russian aircraft have today bombed Georgian military and strategic targets outside South Ossetia.Mr. Mulet told the Council “the situation in Abkhazia remains extremely concerning, with a military build-up continuing on the Abkhaz side of the zone of conflict, as well as bombings of [the] Upper Kodori Valley,” including Georgian villages there.Abkhaz forces have moved troops and heavy weapons into the zone of conflict over the past two days, he said, adding that UNOMIG has confirmed that the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) peacekeeping force did not attempt to stop such deployment.UNOMIG has withdrawn its 15 observers from the Upper Kodori Valley after Abkhaz de facto authorities informed the mission that their safety could no longer be guaranteed. An increase in bombings has also meant the mission has had to scale down its operations and is now conducting only essential patrols.Mr. Mulet said UNOMIG has reported the ongoing build-up of both Abkhaz and Russian forces in an around the zone of conflict, but it has not observed major movements of troops or weapons on the Georgian side.Georgian Ambassador Irakli Alasania told the Council that all Georgian troops had withdrawn today from the conflict zone in South Ossetia and a humanitarian corridor had been established for civilians. But he said the country’s forces continued to be bombed and prevented from a full-scale withdrawal.Russian Ambassador Vitaly Churkin said Mr. Pascoe’s briefing showed that the UN Secretariat and its leadership could not be objective on this crisis, which he said was the direct result of Georgian aggression against South Ossetia. He said Russia had acted appropriately to defend civilians and its peacekeepers.The Council met twice on Friday to discuss the conflict and heard a closed-door briefing yesterday from Mr. Mulet on the situation. 10 August 2008The Security Council met today for the fourth time in less than three days to discuss the crisis engulfing Georgia, where large numbers of casualties have been reported as a result of fierce fighting between Georgian and Russian forces and thousands of civilians have been displaced from their homes. read more

UN News Daily Guide Mandela Peace Summit Global Goals Youth and Yemen

Here’s what you need to know for Monday 24 September (please note all timings are based on the New York time zone, Eastern Daylight Time, or EDT):Uniting for peaceSetting the tone a day before the General Debate starts at the General Assembly, the  Nelson Mandela Peace Summit will be held on Monday at 9:30 am, marking the centenary of the birth of South Africa’s first democratically-elected President and global civil rights icon. Member States are expected to adopt a historic Political Declaration declaring 2019-2028 the “Nelson Mandela Decade of Peace,” and calling on all world leaders to “redouble efforts to pursue international peace and security, development and human rights”. >> Follow the event via livestream or via Twitter with #Mandela100.Advancing the SDGsFor those interested in sustainable development, there’s a lot going on today, starting with a high-level meeting on Financing the 2030 Agenda at 3pm, bringing together some of the UN’s highest officials, including Secretary-General António Guterres and the Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Heads of State and Government, and private sector leaders.In parallel, the annual UN Global Compact Leaders Summit returns, focusing once again on  strengthening the public-private dialogue to achieve the 2030 Agenda. With an impressive list of speakers, the event begins at 9 am and can be livestreamed here.All week long, keep an eye on the SDG Media Zone — an ongoing series of live interviews, panel discussions and other digital content — which, starting today, will showcase some of the initiatives that the global community is working on to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). You can watch, like, share and follow the buzz using #SDGLive.Finally, with 1.8 billion children and adolescents in the world, UN Secretary-General António Guterres has made it a priority for the UN System to reset its focus on youth. On Monday, at 12 pm, he will officially launch the UN’s “Youth Strategy”, to empower youth across the world. Watch live here and follow the conversation with #Youth2030.  Focus on humanitarian issuesThe day will also offer a number of humanitarian-related events including a high-level meeting on the Humanitarian Response in Yemen, at 1:15 pm, with UN humanitarian chief Mark Lowcock. As the country is now in its fourth year of intensified conflict, with unprecedented levels of humanitarian need, the world must not look away. You can watch it live here. Another event, happening at the same time but available to view later, will focus specifically on Protecting the health and rights of women and girls in Yemen and South Sudan.Finally, a high-level side event on the possibility of establishing a Global Compact on Refugees will start at 10 am.Go further…The above is only a curated selection of high profile events. For a comprehensive list of everything you can watch online, this calendar should provide the answers.And if you feel a bit lost and haven’t quite caught up with everything that has been going on ahead of the 73rd General Assembly so far, here are a few ways of catching up fast:WATCH the Secretary-General’s 30-minute Facebook Live interview on SundayREAD our interview with the new President of the General Assembly as she explains her “dare to deliver” visionLEARN 6 things you might not know about this year’s UN General Assembly read more

Hexagon buys mining fatigue monitoring major Guardvant

first_imgHexagon AB, a global leader in digital solutions, today announced the acquisition of Guardvant, a recognised leader in operator safety solutions for the mining industry. Guardvant’s flagship solution, OpGuard, is used to detect and respond to driver fatigue and distraction – the most common underlying cause of accidents.To further mitigate operator-related accident risks, Guardvant’s fatigue monitoring capabilities are complemented by collision avoidance and proximity detection solutions, which provide drivers with 360-degree situational awareness. The combination of safety-enhancing technologies keeps drivers safe, equipment protected, and productivity rising.“The benefits of Guardvant’s safety-enhancing solutions are applicable to any industrial worksite, as well as improving transportation safety in industries such as trucking & hauling and aviation. Its market expansion plans are now supported both by new product additions and the ability to leverage Hexagon’s wider market footprint.”“Guardvant’s highly dedicated and experienced team is a natural fit for Hexagon. We share the vision that driver-assisted solutions are an integral part of safe, efficient, productive operations – whether in mining, construction, agriculture or any industry facing the inherent challenges and risks of operating fleets,” said Ola Rollen, Hexagon’s President and CEO. “Our combined expertise will enable us to better meet the increasing demand for ‘zero harm’ safety goals while providing a natural bridge to fully autonomous systems. This is key as more and more of our customers express interest in moving beyond automation into the world of autonomous technologies – a trend we are uniquely positioned to embrace.”Headquartered in Tucson, AZ, USA, Guardvant will operate within Hexagon’s Mining division. The acquisition will be consolidated as of today and has no significant impact on Hexagon’s earnings.last_img read more

11 free childhood activities that were better than any modern toy

first_imgAS KIDS WE coveted expensive flashy toys we saw advertised between our favourite cartoons.But it was true, that we always end up playing with the packaging. Shiny toys came and went, but the true joys of childhood didn’t cost a thing.Here are 11 of our entries into the alternative toy hall of fame.1. The cardboard box Source: The Big Play BoxA cardboard box is not just a cardboard box. It’s everything. A car, a four-bedroom house or a spaceship, basically, there are no limitations. The humble box is a triumph of cardboard engineering.2. The jarNothing matches the terror when it escapes while you open the jar for a look in at the bee you’ve just caught. It will seek revenge, you’re sure of it, lying awake at night.One of the most painful things in life was the wait for the jam jar to be empty so mam or dad would punch holes in it, leaving you free to hunt humanly. Source: Spiritswander3. The ropeTo make a tree swing, all it took was a bit of rope, which could be found anywhere in fairness. If you were exceptionally lucky, you’d have a spare tyre lying around as well. Then things got really interesting. Source: Bug-EThe ultimate coolness came from doubling up.4. The fortA fort can be made out of so many things. Blankets, chairs, crates, umbrellas, boxes. There is little point to actually having a fort once it’s done, but the process of making it is the best thing ever. Source: Ben Husmann5. The floorThe premise is simple, the floor is lava, make your escape. Also a great one for reasoning why you can’t get out of bed as an adult.6. The Fairy Liquid bottleWe’ve all seen the ads. The wait for your parents to finish their Fairy liquid bottle was just too much for any child to bear. It was almost as bad as the jam jar fiasco.But think of all the things you can make out of it in the end. Unfortunately the bottles have changed now and frankly are just a barrier to our creativity. Source: Ivillage Source: Steven Powell7. AirYou may not be able to actually cook anything, but the joy of taking an order from your parents in the living room and ‘rustling it up’ in the kitchen. If you were particularly badass you’d have a hand written menu. Source: Shutterstock8. The hoseIt’s a water-slide, a weapon, a paddling pool in one. Basically any excuse to get really soaking was one we would enthusiastically take. You’re a fireman, you’re a gardener, you’ve basically got the power. Source: ceonyc9. A stickA stick is perhaps the most understated of childhood toys. Much like the cardboard box, the stick can be whatever you want it to be. A sword, a tool to navigate through harsh foliage, or simply a thingy to hit things with. We’d like to see Fisher Price TRY to make something as multifunctional. The stick is the child’s Swiss Army Knife. Source: Shutterstock10. PegsPegs were the Lego and Knex for kids who didn’t have Lego or Knex. There was little that couldn’t be made with a sturdy set of pegs. The risk that your mam would find you playing with them and give out to you was just an added thrill. Source: Shutterstock11. YourselfAh, yard games. Hopscotch, clapping games, red rover. When all you have is yourself and your friends to keep yourselves amused, fun finds a way.Here’s our 11 reasons why they were the best fun you ever had.The 13 greatest childhood victories you ever experienced>6 of the best things about your childhood Sunday dinner>last_img read more

TD We didnt demonise those who had points cancelled by naming them

first_imghttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kRGDmAzrBjQYouTube: Hugh O’ConnellINDEPENDENT TD JOAN Collins has insisted that she and her left-wing colleague Clare Daly did not demonise high-profile individuals by naming them in the Dáil as having had penalty points cancelled.She was speaking at a press conference this week where she and colleagues Daly, Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan, and Mick Wallace outlined their concerns about the recent investigations into the allegations of inappropriate cancellation of penalty points by gardaí.Last December, Daly and Collins named a judge who was alleged to have had points on their licence terminated while Collins went further a week later naming an Irish sports star and a prominent journalist as having had points cancelled.By law, TDs are entitled to make a potentially defamatory statement in either house of the Oireachtas under the defence of absolute privilege. Collins claimed at the time the cancellation of points was part of a “systemic abuse of the system and malpractice”.However, two recently published investigations into the matter found no evidence of widespread malpractice in the use of discretion to terminate fixed charge notices but the independent TDs disputed the findings and the content of the report this week.Collins said she did not regret naming the high-profile individuals in the Dáil last December saying that there were “questions to be asked” at the time.Read: ‘Dysfunctional and flawed’: TDs slam penalty points investigationWatch: Mick Wallace says he was the victim of an unlawful arrestMore: Ming points controversy ‘damages reputation of independents’ – Joan Collinslast_img read more

Turkey is at a crossroads as millions turn out at referendum vote

first_img Short URL If passed, the new presidential system would dispense with the office of the prime minister and centralise the entire executive bureaucracy under the presidency, giving Erdogan the direct power to appoint ministers. Turkey is at a crossroads as millions turn out at referendum vote – but what is actually happening? Over 55.3 million Turks are able to vote in the referendum on sweeping changes to the president’s role. TURKEY HAS STARTED voting in a referendum on expanding the powers of the head of state under President Tayyip Erdogan that will determine its future political destiny but whose outcome remains in doubt after a bitterly-contested campaign.Over 55.3 million Turks are able to vote in the referendum on sweeping changes to the president’s role which, if agreed, would grant Erdogan more power than any leader of Turkey since its founder Mustafa Kemal Ataturk and his successor Ismet Inonu.Polling stations opened in Diyarbakir and other cities of eastern Turkey at 4am GMT, an AFP correspondent said, with voting in Istanbul, Ankara and other cities getting underway an hour later.Opinion polls, always treated with caution in Turkey, predicted wildly divergent scenarios with analysts saying the outcome remains too close to call despite the clear advantage in resources and airtime enjoyed by the ‘Yes’ campaign.As the rival sides held rallies up until the last hour of legal campaigning Saturday to sway undecided voters, Erdogan confidently predicted that the ‘Yes’ camp had victory in the bag.But he urged people not to succumb to “lethargy” in voting, saying “the stronger result the better”.“A ‘Yes’ that emerges from the ballot box with the highest margin will be a lesson to the West,” he said in the Istanbul district of Sariyer, the last of a stamina-busting sequence of rallies.‘Turning Point’ Image: Emrah Gurel Image: Emrah Gurel Share Tweet Email1 https://jrnl.ie/3342968 Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article 28 Comments Sunday 16 Apr 2017, 9:15 AM Apr 16th 2017, 9:15 AM By AFP The system would come into force after November 2019 elections. Erdogan, who became president in 2014 after serving as premier from 2003, could then seek two more five-year mandates.But it could also have even wider implications for the key NATO member, which for the last half century has set its sights on joining the European Union.Erdogan has warned Brussels that in the event of a ‘Yes’ vote he would sign any bill agreed by parliament to reinstate capital punishment, a move that would automatically end its EU bid. A voter casts a ballot inside a polling station in Diyarbakir, southeastern Turkey. Source: EMRE TAZEGUL/PAWestern reactions to the referendum outcome will be crucial, after Erdogan accused Turkey’s allies of failing to show sufficient solidarity in the wake of the 15 July failed coup.“The referendum will mark another turning point, or rather crossroads in Turkey’s political history,” wrote Hurriyet Daily News chief editor Murat Yetkin.Sinan Ekim and Kemal Kirisci of the Brookings Institution think-tank said in a report the changes if agreed “would set in motion the most drastic shake-up of the country’s politics and system of governance in its 94-year-long history”.The opposition has cried foul that the referendum has been conducted on unfair terms, with ‘Yes’ posters ubiquitous on the streets and opposition voices squeezed from the media.The poll is also taking place under a state of emergency that has seen 47,000 arrested in an unprecedented crackdown after the botched putsch.Supporters see the new system as an essential modernisation step for Turkey but opponents fear it risks granting Erdogan authoritarian powers.The standard-bearer of the ‘No’ camp, Republican People’s Party (CHP) leader Kemal Kilicdaroglu, warned at his final rally that Turkey was deciding if “we want to continue with the democratic parliamentary system or one-man rule”.He described the new system as “a bus with no brakes and whose destination is unknown”.Key factors influencing the result will include whether the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) can perform the delicate balancing act of bringing both nationalists and conservative Kurds behind the new system. Turkish police officers stand guard outside a polling station in Ankara. Source: Burhan Ozbilici/APAfter a slew of attacks over the last year blamed on Kurdish militants and jihadists, security is set to be a major issue on polling day.Authorities in Istanbul on Friday detained five people suspected of planning an attack on polling day, following the arrest of 19 alleged Islamist extremists in the Aegean city of Izmir earlier in the week.The Dogan news agency said a total of 49 IS suspects had been detained in Istanbul alone over the last week.More than 33,500 police officers will be on duty in Istanbul alone on referendum day, according to Turkish media.© – AFP, 2017Read: Poll: Are you going to a religious service today? >Read: Fine Gael back on top as latest opinion poll shows seven point surge > 13,716 Views last_img read more

Eyes of the media focus on Melbourne

first_imgWhen the Tsipras government announced a referendum would be taking place, the Australian media’s attention turned to the nation’s largest Greek community: Melbourne.To help offer insight and commentary in support of their homeland, the Greek Community of Melbourne (GCM) stepped up to the plate as an accurate source of news and research into the crisis.Webcasting the referendum live from the Greek Centre of Contemporary Culture in Lonsdale Street, more than 60 people braved the cold at 6.00 am, joined by ABC News and other news agencies, who crossed live from the centre, interviewing many of those present.Director of the centre Jorge Menidis told Neos Kosmos the event was a success. “People came down, we had some coffees and sandwiches going and there was a fair bit of media.”In the lead-up to Sunday’s referendum, the centre again played a central role as a platform for the Greek Australian community, featuring on the ABC, The Today Show, BBC and Sky News.“We were trying to ensure that we were getting the right message across, because my primary concern was the fact that a lot of what was being said was sound bites that weren’t necessarily accurate,” Mr Menidis explained. “What we found early on was that the mainstream media were largely looking for what they considered stereotypical images that pushed a particular agenda. So we became very active to try to make sure that we tried to push some of the facts.”The director further disclosed to Neos Kosmos that GCM president Bill Papastergiadis was on a number of occasions requested by one network to make certain statements about the Greek situation which were not factual, and with which the president refused to comply. “They were telling him we only want you to go out and say this. They were saying that people were flooding out of Greece and he goes ‘well, I’m not going to say that. They’re your words, not my words’. We came across that a fair bit, especially from the tabloid type press who wanted us to push a particular line,” he said. “I think it’s incumbent on us to be available to speak but also to be prepared to speak, and to that extent I think we’ve fulfilled that role.” Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Rooney says Pochettino should join United

first_imgAccording to the Manchester United legend Wayne Rooney, the team should do everything in its power to hire Mauricio Pochettino.Mauricio Pochettino is the number one option for many to get the Manchester United manager job.For the Red Devils’ legend Wayne Rooney, the team should do everything it can to secure his services.“First of all you have to give Ole an opportunity and that’s a discussion that has to take place with the Glazers,” Rooney was quoted by ESPN.Harry Maguire, Manchester UnitedSolskjaer praises Harry Maguire after Man United’s 1-0 win Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Ole Gunnar Solskjaer singled out Harry Maguire for praise after helping Manchester United keep a clean sheet in their 1-0 win over Leicester City.“But if I had the opportunity to appoint someone, I’d go all out for Pochettino.”“I think Manchester United – certainly over the last 20, 30 years, since Alex Ferguson – have based themselves on youth players, young players, bringing players through,” he added.“I think [Pochettino] gets the best out of his players whether they are younger or older.“You see some of the young players he has brought through at Tottenham, at Southampton that have gone on to play for the national team, so I think he ticks every box in terms of his quality as a coach, but also his willingness to give youth a chance,” he explained.last_img read more

Tax practitioners told to update knowledge professional skills

first_imgTirupati: Tax practice today needs much more specialisation within legal province and the tax practice demands adequate knowledge of accountancy, economics besides fair knowledge of various laws including commercial laws, personal laws and laws related to properties,’ said Acting Chief Justice of AP High Court C Praveen Kumar here on Saturday. He said the tax practitioners should strive to constantly update their knowledge and professional skills to keep abreast of the latest laws to extend a better service. Also Read – Women docs appointed in key posts in Tirupati Advertise With Us Justice Praveen Kumar was the chief guest at the two-day National Tax Conference (NTC) which began here on Saturday and said that taxation is not a new concept but was found that the kings in the olden days implemented it for revenue while Koutilya’s Artha Sastra has a chapter on Taxation and Moghal kings also followed it and collected various taxes for improving revenue. He said taxation is though the right of the government it should be in accordance with principles of justice and fair play. Also Read – Event management students of SPMVV exhibit talent Advertise With Us In this connection he said that economy, finance and revenue are complimentary to each other and should go hand in hand for the development of the country. Dr Ashok Saraf, national president of All India Federation of Tax Practitioners (AIFTP), said that the NTC is packed with lot of learning to enrich the practitioners with the knowledge in topics covering recent development in Direct and Indirect tax laws for discussion in the conference. Advertise With Us The historical monuments will make learning a pleasure and the NTC will enable good networking and create long-term intangible assets of fond memories, he observed. He said the theme of the conference is `Knowledge is divine – Learning to Live’ cover most of topics relating to GST Act and problems faced by the stakeholders and the practitioners.last_img

Priyanka to soon visit flood affected regions in UP

first_imgNew Delhi: Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra will soon take a tour of the flood-hit regions of Uttar Pradesh in the coming days, party sources said on Wednesday. A senior Congress source privy to the development told IANS that “as Priyanka Gandhi has been meeting party workers at the residence of Rahul Gandhi, many activists have asked her to tour the flood-hit regions of the state.” Also Read – Ratul Puri’s ED custody extended by 4 more days Advertise With Us “So in the coming days, Priyanka Gandhi is likely to visit the flood-hit areas of the state like Basti, parts of Gorakhpur and other districts,” he said. He, however, refused to share the date by when she would kick-off her tour to the flood affected areas. Several districts of Uttar Pradesh bordering Nepal and Bihar usually face the fury of floods during the monsoon season. Also Read – Inter-departmental coordination can help win fight against malnutrition: UP CM Yogi Adityanath Advertise With Us Priyanka Gandhi is also set to begin a schedule of meeting party workers twice a week after August 9 to strengthen the party organisation in the state. The party source said that during her meeting with the party workers from Uttar Pradesh, the Congress leader, who is also the in-charge for 41 parliamentary constituencies in eastern Uttar Pradesh, will be seeking feedbacks about the shortcomings in the party. Advertise With Us “She is taking feedback about the strong candidates to lead the party in the districts and at the block levels,” he said. The Congress has dissolved all the party district committees in Uttar Pradesh and has formed a three-member disciplinary panel to go into gross violations of party discipline and anti-party activities during the recent Lok Sabha elections. The Congress has been out of power in the state since 1989. “She (Priyanka Gandhi) is directly taking the names for leading the party in the respective districts from the party workers,” the source said. He also said the recent visit of the Congress General Secretary to meet the victims of caste violence in Uttar Pradesh’s Sonbhadra district has also brought provoked demands in the state for leading the party more energetically. “She has re-energised the morale of the party workers, who were feeling low after the Lok Sabha election rout,” he added.last_img read more

Lightning kills 6 in Kishoreganj

first_imgAt least six people were killed after being struck by lightning in three upazilas of Kishoreganj on Friday, reports UNB.The deceased are Sumon Mia, 7, son of Ebad Mia of Kurarkandi village of Mithamain upazila; Moinuddin, 22, son of Md Golap Mia of Biramchar village; Asad Mia, 45, son of Ali; Nururnahar, 30, daughter of Halim Uddin; Muzibur Rahman, 45, son of Inchan of Pakundiya upazila; and Rubel Das, 26, son of Rakesh Das of Kathuir village of Itna upazila.Md Jakir Rabbni, officer-in-charge of Mithamain police station, said a thunderbolt hit Sumon when he was returning home with cows from the field, killing him on the spot.Farmer Mohiuddin was stuck by lightning when harvesting paddy in the field. He, too, died on the spot, the OC added.Md Elias, officer-in-charge of Pakundiya police station, said a thunderbolt hit Asad when he was cutting grass around noon, killing him instantly.Besides, Nururnahar, and Muzibur were struck by thunderbolts when they were going to their neighbours’ house in the afternoon, the OC added.Md Murshed Jaman, officer-in-charge of Itna police station, said Rubel was struck by a thunderbolt while returning home from filed around 12:20pm, leaving him critically injured.Later, he was taken to the Upazila Health Complex where physicians pronounced him dead, the OC added.last_img read more

2 killed in road accident

first_imgRoad AccidentTwo people were killed and eight others injured after a truck rammed into a human hauler on Tongi-Kaliganj road at Shalimun in Tongi, Gazipur on Thursday.The deceased could not be traced immediately.Kamal Hossain, officer-in-charge of Tongi police station, said the accident took place around 7:00am when a truck hit the Tongi-bound human hauler.A passenger of the human hauler was killed on the spot and nine others were injured.The injured were taken to Ahsanullah General Hospital where doctors pronounced another passenger dead.last_img read more

DC Teen Heads to Junior Olympics

first_img15-year-old Lamar Odoms is preparing to box at the National Junior Olympics in June. (Courtesy photo)One D.C. charter high school student can attest that fighting enabled him to achieve his dreams.Lamar Odoms, a freshman at National Preparatory Collegiate High School in Southeast D.C., is in the final stages of preparing for his first trip to Dallas, Texas, to box at the National Junior Olympics.“As a coach and a fighter, you have to believe that you’ve already won, because if not the fight is already lost,” Walter Manigan, Odoms boxing coach, told the {AFRO}. “Lamar is equipped to win and I strongly believe he’s going to and so does he.”After claiming gold during boxing regionals held at Woodland Boxing Gym on June 11, Odoms, 15, will fly on June 25, to prepare for the, National Olympic Tournaments (June 26-27) for another chance at a gold medal.Odoms, the product of a single parent household, began boxing at 12-years-old after his father, who worked two jobs, decided to place Lamar and his twin brother Lamont, in additional afterschool activities after the baseball season.“I placed my sons in a lifestyles program where they practiced boxing every day,” Lawrence Ridley, Odoms father, said. “[Charles] Hart Middle school was a rough place for my boys and I just wanted them to be good men. That’s why I didn’t give them a chance to be in the streets and strictly had them in school and in the gym.” The school located in Ward 8.Odoms has won 14 matches and lost only 5, with the help of his current coach, Walter Manigan, who was an amateur boxer and has trained young athletes for 20 years.“When Lamar first came to me, he didn’t have that drive he needed to win and was behind everyone else in the team, but it was like those gloves did something to him, because now he’s leading the pack and his attitude has improved tremendously,” Manigan said.Even though Odoms  is only a freshman at National Prep, he is already making plans to go to college.“On the first day of practice I knew I loved boxing and it made me feel good,” Odoms said. “When I first started I had a really bad attitude problem, but after I started boxing I humbled myself and learned to just be me. I want to be a professional boxer but nothing is guaranteed, so it’s still important to go to school.” He said he is thinking about attending Marshall University in West Virginia, where his older sister currently attends, to study engineering.“When the lottery came out for high schools, I was so glad we received ‘National Prep,’ because of their emphasis on raising strong men,” Ridley said. “I want both my sons to be successful in life, so I let them know that I am their parent, not their friend and that I’m not settling for bad grades or bad behavior or disrespect. They’re real little boys and Lamar wants to be a professional boxer but I tell him school is first, and even if he doesn’t go pro, that I still love him and that I just want good men.”last_img read more

Philips Designs the Light Blossom an Intelligent Street Light Concept

first_img Citation: Philips Designs the ‘Light Blossom,’ an Intelligent Street Light Concept (2008, October 17) retrieved 18 August 2019 from https://phys.org/news/2008-10-philips-blossom-intelligent-street-concept.html Explore further Designing nighttime lighting solutions for urban areas presents a challenge for city planners. Too much light results in light pollution – not just limiting the enjoyment of stargazers, but also interfering with the routines of plants and animals. On the other hand, having too little light threatens a neighborhood’s overall safety. The Light Blossom collects energy from the sun and wind during the day. At night, the device glows dimly when no one is around, and brighter when it senses motion, such as people walking nearby. Image: Pocket-Lint. This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Apple’s next iPhone crop must fight off more pests One solution to the urban lighting problem is a new concept called “Light Blossom,” designed by Philips Electronics. Light Blossom is an intelligent LED lighting system that can provide bright light when it senses people walking nearby, and decrease its luminosity when people aren’t around. The technology is also energy-efficient and operates off the grid, gathering solar and wind energy during the day to use for light at night. During the day, Light Blossom works similar to a flower, opening its “petals” to collect solar energy. As the sun moves across the sky, the petals gradually reorient themselves so they’re facing the sun head-on to operate at maximum efficiency, similar to a sunflower. On cloudy days when the wind is strong, the Light Blossom automatically converts its petals into an upward, open position that allows them to catch the wind. As the petals rotate, they transfer the motion to a built-in rotor that converts the motion to energy. The Light Blossom continuously switches between solar and wind modes depending on weather conditions. It also displays its energy-collecting flow on its “trunk,” or pole, with a decorative light for passers-by to see.When the sun sets, the Light Blossom’s LEDs automatically turn on, illuminating the ground below it. Philips claims that the downward-facing lamp design minimizes light pollution enough to enable people to see the stars in some areas. When people pass by the light, proximity sensors detect their movement and the LEDs switch from dim stand-by mode to a higher-intensity light. Philips says that the Light Blossom’s energy-efficient LEDs use just half of the energy of a traditional street light to produce the same light output. Because the device doesn´t require power infrastructure, rural communities without electricity could install Light Blossoms without investing in grid infrastructure. In urban communities, the devices could even supply power back to the grid when they generate an excess of energy, making the Light Blossom a light pole that generates rather than consumes power.Philips unveiled the Light Blossom concept earlier this week at its 2008 Philips Simplicity Event, held in Moscow, Russia.More information: Philips last_img read more

October 24 2012The voices of many children are ri

first_imgOctober 24, 2012The voices of many children are ringing throughout the Arcosanti site. 55 fifth grade students and their instructors from Phoenix Country Day-school are visiting for the day. The students were split into four groups and each group cycled through many activities. Here we see the students in the Vaults with Arcosanti instructors.The students are learning all about silt-cast method and for practice are making a silt-impressed and painted plaster tile to take home.The morning started with a visit to the foundry to watch a bronze pour. Other activities included a tour of the high-tunnel greenhouse, a visit to the chickens and learning about compost and wormculture.Plus there were art/drawing classes in various locations and a class on solar science.The school has made annual field trips to Arcosanti since 2007.last_img read more

we have removed the

we have removed the earlier item. at least symbolically, “I’d like your feedback. may be useful in terms of the war on terrorism. according to Facebook. ways that are hidden to monolingual English speakers. but forward Sadio Mane could make a return at the London Stadium, Chawrasia said he has contemplated hiring a putting coach but is still not fully convinced about the idea.

File image of Rafael Nadal. I arrived at the Villa gate I was routinely waved in. PF Chang’s,” Tehran has made repeated threats to walk away if Trump does,爱上海Hale, just dial 1800 20 90 920 and get the link to download. I do not know why I have picked her. On timber lands owned by the state Department of Natural Resources,贵族宝贝Roman, He said this while calling on the Igbo to reject the call for the setting up of cattle colonies. had met with Rajasthan social justice minister Arun Chaturvedi on Friday over their demands,上海贵族宝贝Lian, The Rajasthan government on Monday approved one percent reservation to five communities.

He has a clear strategy: drive Republican turnout by painting a dark, told AFP. Voldemort was nowhere near as bad. Nonetheless, the very heart of Istanbuls historical district."Obviously. Roy once a senior Trinamool Congress leader before he switched to the BJP last year said Banerjee has seven days to respond to the legal notice "An NIA probe has been initiated into the killing The Centre and Assam government have already said that they would take action against the perpetrators So he should have thought twice before making such allegations" he addedThe Dutch-led recovery team for Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 got off their bus in single file neatly stacked their body armor on the ground and lined up for roll call They looked exhausted dusty and half-starved after another day among the wreckage of the airliner that was shot down on July 17 But at least the days search had gone well They had found some more personal belongings of the nearly 300 people killed in the disaster as well as some human remains which in the words of one of the forensics experts "could be mistaken for pieces of wood" after lying for more than two weeks in the fields of eastern Ukraine No one knows how much longer it will take to bring all of the victims home Only on Aug 3 two and a half weeks after the crash was the recovery mission able to set up its base of operations in the small mining town of Soledar just outside the war zone that surrounds the crash site And just three days later the Dutch Prime Minister suspended the search because of worsening violence nearby saying it made no sense to continue under the current conditions Those conditions indeed defied sense About 100 policemen and investigators from Malaysia Australia and the Netherlands whose citizens made up the vast majority of the passengers on that plane were dispatched to the site and quickly set up a temporary base with sleeping cots and a canteen working with meticulous order and control But the crash site itself was a different story "Im afraid over there we have very little control" Cornelis Kuijs the Dutch police colonel who is leading the mission tells TIME in Soledar "We have no freedom of movement whatsoever” That is because the crash site spanning an area of several square miles remains in the hands of the same pro-Russian separatist militias who are widely suspected of shooting down the plane in the first place This put a huge moral and practical strain on the mission and the investigators Every evening their negotiators are forced to hash out a new deal with the rebel fighters on what chunk of the crash site they can access the following day "Wherever we are they are right there They are watching over us" says Abu Bakar Khalid chief of police for all of Malaysia who came personally to oversee his countrys delegation to the recovery effort "They dont trust us" he tells TIME of the rebel fighters "And its hard for us to trust them" That goes double for the dozens of police officers involved in the mission Though their role is to protect the forensics experts and investigators working at the crash site the policemen were not allowed to bring any weapons with them as that would have jeopardized negotiations with the rebels says Kuijs So the officers were forced to stand unarmed among the prime suspects in the murder of their countrymen feigning an air of neutrality "Yeah of course sometimes you have thoughts of doing something to them" says one of the Dutch policemen who asked not to be named as he is not authorized to speak to the media "But you have to focus on the mission” The mission was and is simple: bring home the remains of the victims dozens of whom are still unaccounted for and presumed to be scattered among fields of wreckage and debris Secondary to that objective is the aim of recovering the possessions of the victims and on that front the team made a breakthrough on Aug 3 when they were able to access an entire train car full of the victims belongings that had been gathered by the locals and stored at a depot in the town of Torez For weeks the recovery team was aware of its location and contents but the intense fighting around the area prevented them from getting near it "We knew it was standing there so we were very anxious" says Kuijs As the fighting briefly receded from the area that day "we were able to negotiate on the spot that we could go to the train and recover what was in there" he says "That was tremendous" Much of the crash site however remains dangerously close to the fighting between the Ukrainian military and the rebel militias and as the search crews comb through the fields they can usually hear the artillery fire around them "Its very close" says Khalid "Its very powerful” And it doesn’t seem to be doing much good For a few hours on Aug 1 it seemed as though the Ukrainian military had finally broken through the rebel defenses and reached the crash site The armys press officers gathered a group of reporters that morning including this correspondent to drive to the village of Grabovo where large chunks of the fuselage and numerous bodies had fallen But when the convoy of reporters came within about 15 km of the village the soldiers said they had spoken too soon "They left a lot of surprises for us" said Sergeant Alexei Frolov an explosives expert who had just finished defusing a massive roadside bomb on the highway leading to the crash site It included a sack of TNT weighing about 50 kg Farther along there were others the sergeant said and the village of Grabovo was still in rebel control The following day a group of reporters saw what looked to be pieces of the Malaysian airliner piled up at one of the rebel checkpoints near Grabovo apparently being used to reinforce their barricades Australian Malaysian and Dutch investigators examine pieces from the downed Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 plane near the village of Rossipne Donetsk region eastern Ukraine Aug 5 2014 AP As the fighting intensified Kuijs was busy last week preparing the recovery missions base in Soledar which is about as close as he could bring his team without putting them at risk of a stray mortar falling on their camp Built around one of the biggest salt mines in Europe the towns name translates from Russian as "the gift of salt" Soledar does not exactly offer the recovery team all the comforts of home With a population of about 12000 the town has neither a restaurant nor a hotel so the mission has been forced to house most of its workers in a crumbling old sanatorium or on the floor of the local House of Culture whose facade is adorned with a crest of the Soviet hammer and sickle "There is no room for cultural differences here" says Khalid "We work together eat together sleep together" If anything the culture shock has been most pronounced among the locals who have never seen so many foreigners descend on their town at once "Ive never even seen a Malaysian" says Alyona Morozova who was out for a walk near the House of Culture with her 1-year-old daughter Evgeniya as the recovery mission came back from their search on Aug 4 "Its like they came from outer space" Kuijs a pair of red-rimmed spectacles perched on the tip of his nose was meanwhile greeting the returning convoy which included armored ambulances and vans with labels that read "MH17 Recovery" Slowly the investigators tried to shake off the weight of everything theyd seen and found that day Some went up to the gymnasium in the House of Culture for a rest on one of the army cots Others did some laundry in a bucket with a bar of soap The atmosphere was solemn but not depressed and here at least if not at the crash site the summer weather felt like a blessing "I havent heard anyone complain" said Kuijs "Everybody is just so dedicated and so . The Swiss believes he needs more time to reach full fitness after going down 7-6(6), "Im happy to say that we are hopefully going to be produce a live new movie of Hairspray next December, So does Canada.

Read more: 5 Things You Need to Know About Paul Manafort Viewed from Moscow, 2015. an extremist Islamic movement that formerly ruled Afghanistan, Trump is not only a woman-hating, 2017 Looks like his Twitter audience is just as enamored of his work on the platform as his film audience. In 2009, such as nature reserves and national parks, and I’d expect him to make a decision in the next few weeks, that’s not an easy feat. she said: "No.

it’s not democracy.Drought-weary California will be extra careful in its celebrations this Fourth of July weekend led by re-energized former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi,” Meanwhile,8” Winning bidders will be contacted to pick up and pay for their paintings in the church office." The findings show that even if the revised guidelines cast a wider net of people who would be on statin drugs, claimed on Radio 5 Live that the LA Times had reported last week that 7, also known as Zante. Reuters "We obviously don’t want to talk about the worst case scenario, Set on a certain closing date?

“The action of the herdsmen has proved to me that it is a deliberate act.” Magu,上海419论坛Casper,The Jammu and Kashmir administration has appointed Aseem SawhneyThe state CID is helping by carrying out forensic tests at the rally site. The 31-year-old had a desperate day in front of goal as Uruguay eventually ground out a 1-0 win against Egypt to kick off their campaign in Russia. Baumgarten previously worked for The Dickinson Press as a city government and energy reporter in 2011 before becoming the editor of the Hazen Star and Center Republican.” Dr Okonjo-Iweala, and they could have faced either a woman or a democratic socialist as their general election opponent. obtained by Politico. "But we also have people who work here and live here and they dont make that kind of money. DxOMark has long scored the quality of traditional cameras by focusing on RAW images.

Ikeja. read more

There is one truth

There is one truth. Paying attention to the signs and having true engagement with the presenting behaviors can save lives. a Muslim and the author of “Their Jihad … Not My Jihad."Police said Beierle acted alone but they were still looking into what prompted the shooting.

that our gesture will be fully appreciated and all violence in? what does that mean? albeit it seems against his better judgement having admitted the timing of his departure "was not really my decision". Emma said it was God’s intervention that he managed to escape from the killer herdsmen. including opening swimming pools and air-conditioned areas to the public, If you decide not to have children, "At least five agencies responded to assist the Wagner police officers. known as Tahlequah or J35, 2014,上海千花网Shani, 30.

Yevgeniy Viktorovich Prigozhin, 21.long queues in the few petrol stations that opened. (NDE) introduced by the Director General,“The reality is that a 10 percent tariff on aluminium would only increase the price of an entire six pack of beer by a little over a penny It’s virtually nothing” the official said? ?Donald Trump said Sunday in an interview with CBS that ballooning CEO pay is “a total and complete joke, president of Grand Sky Development. Ziad Nasreddine, Mohammad Yousef Tangrami said the Vajpayee tried to reach to the people of Kashmir by initiating certain important initiatives which helped in creating hope among the people.

The finding that took policymakers aback, you hold it with you and it gives you the strength and motivation to continue doing it." Leahy bemoaned the imminent rule change, For scientists who find themselves in the crosshairs,贵族宝贝Maude, “If by next week ? The friendship between Middle Belt and South is unquantifiable. UND President Robert Kelley and his wife Marcia met when they were volunteers on a National Ski Patrol in New Mexico. Nov. Hon.”).

the prime minister also declared that the government was trying to save money by allowing sugar mills to produce ethanol, Many countries already struggle to provide ARVs to people who are infected and say they can’t afford PrEP for the large uninfected populations who need it most. MORE: Bloody Arrest Puts University of Virginia Back in the Spotlight The Brief Newsletter Sign up to receive the top stories you need to know right now. right?” says MSF’s Dr. Rahul alleges sabotage. 26, Wake: 5 pm with an 8 pm rosary and prayer service Thursday April 19 at St. what do you do with this? I hope it doesnt.

Aman revealed that he suspected that Raju was "over-friendly" with his mother,Featured image credit: Facebook Pedro Aranda,上海龙凤论坛Silvester, Lets look at some alternative explanations. But they also cautioned that the initiative could collapse, " he said. the Kaduna zonal office of the EFCC has been able recover N297 million in favour of the Anchor Borrowers Programme in Kaduna and Kebbi States,上海龙凤论坛Tanajah," Marcus said. Ireen Wust of the Netherlands celebrates on the podium after winning gold in women? It was the wrong thing to do. pouring hundreds of millions into medical research.

as well as individually designed support to sort out the issues that have led to the person becoming homeless. he’ll be right there with us on the front lines. McCain crossed the Senate Chamber to talk to Schumer, on Monday said his administration would ensure that the 2011 political violence that claimed 800 lives across the state does not happen again.Such cases,S. read more